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Wide long-tongued photograph
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A day, buddha swims turn Brahman city, brahman king knows Buddha has great power, can touch masses to accept his Jiaohua, because the deep doubt avoid in this heart is worn. Fall to command together then, as limitation: If somebody alms giving Buddha is dietary, hear Buddha argument, fine 49.

Buddha enters a town inside, feed to each beg, give people implantation blessing field. The people because decretal forbidding, see Buddha comes, close in succession shut door, not dare alms giving food makes offerings to Buddha. A week of Buddha round whole town, do not have one person pay attention to, want to give a city for nothing then and go.

Have a servant that helps commission, hope alms giving Buddha and monk are numerous very much, but she is gotten thoroughly penniless, because this always cannot realize her desire.

This day, she is taking a bowl of smelly rice juice, wanting to go out to pour it, see li of empty none of Buddha, give birth to kosher confidence, want to make offerings to Buddha, but she dare not send Buddha directly, with respect to say: "This is a thing that does not want, if have that one need, can give him. Can give him..

Buddha understands her meaning, accept her donation, gasp in admiration say: "The thing of the alms giving of kosher heart institute of deficient daughter, at the time of 15 disaster, the greatest pleasure can be enjoyed in the sky, day blessing drink to the dregs, not fall evil line, become a monk or nun learn, achievement is clinking waiting to becoming aware. Achievement is clinking waiting to becoming aware..

When Buddha says this word, as it happens is standing on the side a Brahman, think with alms giving of smelly rice juice, can get great in that way good fortune signs up for, it is Buddha rant certainly, deceive people intentionally, with respect to interrogatory Buddha. Buddha removes to want his suspicion, show his clever photograph on the spot, extend a tongue, cover the face, till send border, say to Brahman: "Had you seen the record on Confusion classics? Resemble me such long-tongued, meeting storytelling? Meeting storytelling??

"Resemble such long-tongued, sure won't call wild talk, I do not know so small alms giving really, can acquire so old blessing newspaper. Can acquire so old blessing newspaper..

"Does shade Fu wear the tree movie that you once saw law of arrest crossing the Buddhist nun is cultivated 500 businessmen vehicle? The tree shadow of a tree 500 people of shade Fu the car does not feel too small.

"Had seen, it is really such. It is really such..

"Do you know the seminal size of this tree? "Do you know the seminal size of this tree??

"Have the 1/3 volume of mustard seed. "Have the 1/3 volume of mustard seed..

"Who believes this fact? "Who believes this fact??

"Place of our saw with one's own eyes sees. "Place of our saw with one's own eyes sees..
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