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Parrot greets Buddha
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Once, buddha from garden essence is abandoned taking a lot of comparing grave should arrive rub Jie Tuo country, an old forest is passed on the road.

In this old forest, living the parrot of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two, there is a beneficent parrot magnate in parrot, 牠 sees in the Yao on large tree Buddha is being gone to with all majestic train that compare grave the advancement in the forest of 牠 , willingly Zhen Kaishuang ala, fly quickly of Buddha before, with person character say: "Buddha! I live in front in not far old forest, colour of sky will be late now, hope Buddha can be compassionate pity Min I, take move comparing grave to cross constellation in my forest, because of,give me kind of a bit kind. Because of,give me kind of a bit kind..

Buddha has a smile on his face nod agreed.

After parrot king gets Buddha allows, appear vividly flies urgently to Lin Zhong, call together parrot people say: "The Buddha that becomes aware into solicit comments is about to us this place came, we should go out forest outside receive. We should go out forest outside receive..

After saying, parrot people follow parrot king comes out to receive, 牠 people see Buddha mixes all comparing the presence of grave, the highly praises Buddha majestic mercy of whisper to each other.

month is hanged high between the woods, they are repaired in the sit in meditation below the tree calm, that argent brightness is aspersed fall in Buddha to mix all comparing on the face of grave, more majestic.

Parrot king sees Buddha mixes all comparing Qiu Dou silents the banquet sits, in the heart jubilate indefinitely, mix in Buddha all night those who compare grave all round wind high above, to look around everywhere, the tiger lion beast of prey in wary forest comes out to offend Buddha. Although parrot king never adds up to an eye to rest overnight, but excitement must not feel tired.

The following day early in the morning, buddha leaves a forest, continue to advance toward Wang She city, parrot people wear in the convoy in sky all the way, attaching does not agree to leave, how this kind of cavalcade is magnificent!

At that time, parrot king flies to the frequency dancing Luo Wang of Wang She city to be in say first: "King! Buddha mixes all comparing grave gets on for here to come, ask king to have board doing meat and fish dishes makes offerings to at once Buddha and than grave people, and to city gate preparation is received. And to city gate preparation is received..

Frequency dancing Luowang hears talk, thank parrot king again and again, immediateness edict establishs board of all meat and fish dishes, mix at the same time a lot of chancellery people, hand hold color long narrow flag, fragrant flower, buddha is received outside coming to city gate.
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