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Deficient daughter one lamp
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Buddha lives in abandon when defending a country to cultivate alone garden only, the people that always has tens of thousands of everyday goes seeking a way to him, took the article such as back and belly to make offerings to.

Abandon defend the Gu daughter difficult Tuo that there is a poverty in the city, also often hear Buddha view, soon the rich child such as kingly chancellery makes offerings to with rare thing ceaselessly Buddha, and oneself are not done however, she is very sad. Of course, she what cadge even a meal to the person, does the thing that comes then make offerings to Buddha?

But, power of Buddha tells a person, "Because of,be about to know preexistence, the person that this life suffers is " , the destiny is bad, who to complain? Difficult Tuo knows very well these truths, she knows only the destiny of poverty of change of alms giving ability, if have wisdom,she knows, can plant be apt to because, will not have a rough time.

This day, difficult Tuo very jubilate, because of her beg gets an old clothes, change one article money, change with one article money a kerosene, she makes offerings to the light that has a light Buddha.

Difficult Tuo eventually if wish,the ground lighted a lamp before Buddha. At this moment, she stands in Buddha before ceremony of top joining a strike with the palm of the hand, complete sincerity gives out her wish earnestly: "Wish the light of this lamp, divide however the heart is medium 闇 be ignorant of since I am much more unripe, the pain that eliminates the past barrier, obtain big Zhi Dahui. Buddha! Ask you to add by me! Ask you to add by me!!

Everybody Dou Qi hopes his future is bright, there are a lot of lamp small cups before Buddha so. The next day, before day break, eye Qian goes repeatedly perambulatory lamp is offerred, discover king and chancellery people lamp small cup the rest of faint light, the lamp small cup of difficult Tuo however be like,the lamp wicks new, shining and unusual. After day break, when fan of eye Qian use consecutively should extinguish lamp small cup, also destroy forcibly anyway the lights that does not drop difficult Tuo, and other lights, be in however imperceptible in went out. Eye Qian feels very strange repeatedly, go asking Buddha, buddha explains for him: "This lights, use a hand not only, it is bend the seawater of 4 seas will irrigate spill, windstorm will blow piece, also cannot go out, because be of alms giving of institute of heart of master hair bodhi. Look Qian is connected! A person is when alms giving, if put the purpose that has heart of treat sb without proper respect or fish for fame and compliments, the merits and virtues of earning is certain very scanty, although alms giving is very much article, also be the merits and virtues of promising. Also be the merits and virtues of promising..

Here, buddha of difficult Tuo Lai Chaoli, buddha kindly ground reachs a hand, touch the top of head of difficult Tuo, award for her write down: "Rob only in prospective A monk in, you will become Buddha, buddha number light, have the honour number of 10 kinds of Buddha. " then difficult Tuo becomes a monk or nun in the monk group of Buddha to compare Qiu Ni.
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