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In abandon defend a city, people often the important matter is held make offerings to, make offerings to the monk that Buddha guides personally is round. Hold by the family sometimes, sometimes by 3, 4 are held, hold by a certain number of people sometimes, hold jointly by the person of entire market or whole town sometimes, resembling such making offerings to is very royal and resounding.

Once, hold by the person of entire market make offerings to, the everybody several days ago is made with respect to busy move do for content. The person that will go on the street talks the thing that saying to make offerings to, each other people hopes his offerings can get the joy of Buddha.

There is a pauper that makes casual on the street. He thinks: The rice that I cannot have respectfullied present, be forced to display some of confectionery. Become silky bare pink rub then circle, added water, had wrapped with grass-blade, thoroughly cook in hot water, took powdery cake to stand in wait into shown range.

Good not easy when when Buddha, the thing that remembers oneself however is too harsh, before dare be not being entered cringingly, see the Jin Rong of Buddha kindly, resemble be in call he, before just putting a person's mind to walk up, go, what put powdery cake into Buddha is medium.

In Buddha before displaying a lot of offerings, buddha is not taken other, take his powdery cake only edible. Make offerings to at that time all over on congress conduct this business, waiting for the Buddha that becoming aware to eat the thick cake that poor place displays, there also was not detestable appearance.

This message was spread everywhere to abandon defend a city, kingly chancellery people attract came. They envy that poor to obtain the merits and virtues that such different get the better of, be opposite in succession poor say: "Give you 200 gold, give you 500 gold, give us at minute o'clock works! Give us at minute o'clock works!!

The poor is at a loss temporarily, go report Buddha, buddha answers: "Receive the thing, answer merits and virtues to all all living creatures again. Answer merits and virtues to all all living creatures again..

In a flash, the poor got 90 million gold, arrived towards evening, kingly call together he gives him curule the rank of nobility into Gong Ci.

The child that all attending the meeting people return essence of life to abandon, talk about each other: "The law is friendly! Buddha eats that poor place to show the thick cake that give, if feed precious flavour, be without detestable. That poor is accept also a lot of applying content, got an official again, for a short while make a meteoric rise. For a short while make a meteoric rise..

Buddha goes, hear them to be being talked about make offerings to the thing of that poor on the meeting, tell a this predestined relationship in the past to come.
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