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Always hold the first
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Buddha lives in abandon when defending a country to cultivate alone garden only, having is more difficult to A than grave honour person such doubt since much Wen Sheng: "A is difficult honour person past world did line of business of what be apt to, can this generation teach a law one word what Buddha place says do not leak write down? " come to Buddha together then before, ask Buddha to leave show.

Buddha says: "Than grave people! You are absorption the attention is listening. A is heard hard more so the first, it is the achievement of blessing heart institute that accumulates by past world. Be in a long time ago, one compares grave, received a Sramanera to be apprentice. The education that compare grave is rigorous, decretal Sramanera should read with intonation and expression every day classical, ripe back lection. If the Sramanera carries lection on the back ripe, teacher very jubilate; If the back is not ripe, the teacher is severe add blame. The Sramanera arrives everyday outside beg is fed hold in the palm, sometimes very fast can beg gets food and drink, natural time is abundant, lection can be carried on the back ripe, teacher also very jubilate. But, occasionally beg is fed slow, incur loss through delay the time of recital, lection nature recital is not ripe, can be blamed of course, the Chang Huai in Sramanera heart is accordingly vexed.

One day in the morning, sramanera already beg eats a long time, unmanned however make offerings to, because this scowl is full of, after the heart thinks, song classics time is little, sure meeting blames the teacher. The Sramanera wants sadder more, walked along an edge to cry with respect to the edge. at this time, have a superior head on and come, see the Sramanera is sad the appearance of cry, forward accost: "Becoming a monk or nun is you volunteer hair heart, should joyous jubilate happy event, carefree, why does one old early in the morning cry so sadly? Why does one old early in the morning cry so sadly??

Sramanera with respect to the in full detail of all the details the thing explain to better, after better listened, say: "It is so so return a responsibility, you need not be this thing sadness again. Since today, you come to my home everyday, I can make offerings to your food, feed finish, absorption add recital lection frequently, great law benefit is unripe in the future! Great law benefit is unripe in the future!!

After the Sramanera heard the word of better, turn Bei is happy event, smile through tears. Evermore, the Sramanera is daily be able to absorption add Song classics frequently, study time also won't be fed as a result of beg and decrease, because this division apprentice is exceeding,jubilate. Because this division apprentice is exceeding,jubilate..

Buddha tells to compare grave: "The teacher at that time decides smooth Buddha namely, the Sramanera is me, and compassionate alms giving makes offerings to the A that alimental big better is today is difficult. As a result of A difficult past world makes offerings to intentional Xiang Xuesha the merits and virtues of cover, can get today so always hold, recall read aloud to be not broken. Recall read aloud to be not broken..
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