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Paradigmatic king
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From abandon defend the place with not remote town, have a garden, be called a tree to give alone garden. What there is exuberance in garden is arboreous, aromatic flowers and plants, the schoolroom with grand edifice, room is abandoned, buddha often is here view, do not know to spend all living creatures that changed world of how many sky.

One day, a bright auspicious light suddenly illuminate comes to heavenly palace, the prince in palace greens jade collect, knowing this is Buddha will of the view bodeful, dare not hesitate, immediately is multiplied on this auspicious light, will cultivate alone garden only, week crosses Buddha, arrive with respect to the station aside static await.

The law can begin, prince of green jade collect stands up, ground of respect joining a strike with the palm of the hand to Buddha say: "Buddha! Your kind heart Bei wishs, general beneficial is worn our all living creatures, what I highly praise you very much is great. I have a problem now, ask you to be solved for me. Ask you to be solved for me..

Buddha say: "Very good, I am solved for you certainly, you say. You say..

Prince of green jade collect asks gladly: "Buddha! The person of general the world hopes he is healthy, do not have sadness, do not have disease to suffer from, hope children and grand children is full again hall, high post, hope to wear again delicious good, everybody is promoting both hands to await. Actually, does that have reap without sowing thing? A person that does not agree to work, be to cannot get results forever? What what they bear is bitter instead over happy. Buddha! You look, broad in having the 3000 the boundless universe of border, the happy peace that how many person obtains a desiderate truly after all is installed? Buddha! You are the person that become aware greatly, ask you to tell me, what cause is this? What cause is this??

Buddha is speaking favorably of answer: "You ask is, the newspaper that seek good fortune has its method, if get illegimate, cannot get of course. Without giving thought to ethereal world, the good bad thing that oneself do wants him to go bear, when when course of study signs up for arrival, everybody does not escape, everybody is replaced. One is the good person of be apt to, can get blessing signs up for, the person of do evil multiterminal, of earning is full of disaster. This is cause and effect, without who can fluky ground gets blessing signs up for, it is difficult to also suffer disaster without person for no reason. Disaster and blessing, resemble there are us like shadow, resemble giving out the sound that go, reaction is caused in our ear. Reaction is caused in our ear..

"Yes, buddha! I remember a paragraph of past, absolutely. In was born in the past, remember me or be in worldly when king when, because know very well alms giving just has the reason that blessing signs up for, so my country is powerful and prosperous in that way, people is in that way peace and happiness. A day, I think of one the individual's life is short, should do all living creatures of bit of alms giving interest more, good the blessing newspaper that cultivates future for oneself. Become then levee group I arrive neat when, right their say: "I think big alms giving, need builds a tom-tom, its noise can reach 100 lis of far places, the person that lets far also knows to come suffer apply. If somebody can build this tom-tom, I am certain handsome reward. I am certain handsome reward..
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