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Shi Duofu is big
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Have a paragraph of period, buddha lives in Zhu Yuanhong of Jia orchid Tuo to change, wear according to the convention in the morning everyday the garment is held, to Wang She beg of city one after another is fed. A fire and Brahman see Buddha far, prepare a lot of honey food to come out to make offerings to immediately. But pass 2, 3 later, buddha is held in the palm in fire and home once more, fire and a thought since fashionable: "Why is Buddha fed to my home beg for many times, be lust the food that I make offerings to? Be lust the food that I make offerings to??

Buddha knew fire and Brahman had such idea, say to him: "Rain during springtime is unbroken, next cropland with assiduous farmer are plowed, spread a seed, have plentiful harvest year after year. Conceive pregnant with respect to what have for many times like the person, the be pregnant that milker also has for many times, the life of boundless of ability be pregnant with. If somebody for many times appeal at you, and you also can alms giving, because of alms giving, can win everybody praise, receives blessing signs up for also with respect to boundless immensity. Alms giving as sowing, the seed that sows heals much, harvest also can be abounded more, especially the blessing cropland that 3 treasure are all living creatures, if want to win blessing heart, should well cultivated this fertile land, sure can result not Tang Juan, obtain blessing boundless. Obtain blessing boundless..

Fire leaves with what listened to Buddha show, deeply oneself not kosher smeary heart and ashamed confess.

Spring should sow, autumnal ability harvest; Ferial want alms giving, he gives birth to ability to good good fortune signs up for. Want how to be harvested, want first so grow! Have abandon ability to get, and want can jubilate almsgiving, just abandon clean travel accord with the happy event of 4 boundless heart.

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