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Do not suffer because of the view for
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Once, buddha is changed in arrest Sa Luo Guohong, the Brahman of block of mother-in-law of mother-in-law collect beans that encounters to make a living with agrarian cropland, using 500 to plow arduous job. His Yao sees Buddha look stops considerable, with respect to intermit cultivated, brandish brandish all over the face sweat bead, greet say to Buddha: "Buddha! Sow of my effort agrarian cropland, will furnish oneself dietary place needs, need not feed to others beg. Buddha also should plough cropland sow, will furnish oneself dietary place needs. Will furnish oneself dietary place needs..

Buddha replies: "I also am ploughing cropland sow. "I also am ploughing cropland sow..

Brahman doubt ground asks: "I never see Buddha is used plow an agrarian field, how is Buddha to plough excuse me cropland? Can deny for my narrate, good let me add extensive information, know true agrarian cropland method? Know true agrarian cropland method??

Buddha is being looked attentively at contain the Brahman that asks difficult interest, not disease not Xu De says: "I am a seed with confidence, it is fertile land with law of be apt to, it is with wisdom plow yoke, it is Che Yuan with ashamed heart, it is bovine Yang in order to maintain Buddhist monastic discipline, in order to suffer from the rain when behavior. My reading aloud is to be good at cultivated redneck, guarding each inches of land, course of study of safe-deposit body language, just like barn is right amount put a lot of food. Divide vexed dirty grass n cultivated land, obtain big crop. My essence is entered cultivated, make Tian Jia not bedraggled, can smooth and steady, and have the job quickly, precipitant do not retreat turn, can reach the point that does not have care. The person of so agrarian cropland, can get manna fruit, can transcend 3 boundaries, break the trouble that removes everything. Break the trouble that removes everything..

After view of Brahman hear Buddha, originally proud heart, turn the belief that is respect, and of be sincerely convinced highly praising Buddha is the person that be good at agrarian cropland really, and the food that holding sweet beauty in both hands will make offerings to Buddha. However Buddha says however: "I do not accept food as a result of the cause of humanness view to make offerings to. My view is for forgive beneficial all living creatures only, either make offerings to for covet, since I had been your view, not should reassume your food makes offerings to. not should reassume your food makes offerings to..

Accordingly, buddha does not agree to accept eventually make offerings to.

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