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Origin of 84 thousand towers
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One day, buddha and A are entered hard abandon the beg that defend a city to feed, a flock of children see playing in the amuse oneself on road in road, each their person becomes palace, storehouse, money and valuables and food crops with sandy soil accumulation. Have a child among them far the Buddha that sees the body puts light goes, inner nature reveals go to toilet to respect, jubilate eagerly, take from inside storehouse then take a cereal, want to make offerings to Buddha. But his figure is short, take Buddha without method, request another child: "Let me stand on your shoulder, make offerings to with cereal Buddha. Make offerings to with cereal Buddha..

The child jubilates the ground says: "Good! "Good!!

Then he goes up with respect to the shoulder that sets foot on this child, make offerings to with sandy soil Buddha. Buddha is put down compassionately, lower his head to accept sandy soil make offerings to.

Buddha is accepted after making offerings to, bade A: "You come with these clay my room abandons daub! "You come with these clay my room abandons daub!!

Beg is fed end, buddha and A are difficult return a garden essence to abandon, a gets the area of the building of clay daub Buddha that come hard with holding in the palm, can be a daub at the same time, sandy soil gave out. A is difficult after arranging good clothing, to Buddha report.

It is difficult that Buddha tells A: "A moment ago that child, in order to jubilate clay of heart alms giving, and although these clay are only enough daub of my building floor at the same time, as a result of,do not pass this merits and virtues, centenary after my Nie 槃 , this child regards as kingly, be called A to be defeated by Jia (namely A Yo king) . Another child, regard as chancellery, they are collective all gets Yan Fu to carry all land. Promote show 3 treasure, wide set make offerings to, distributinging Buddhist relics alls over full Yan Fu to carry, and be my build 84 thousand towers. And be my build 84 thousand towers..

A is offensive, special jubilate, with respect to Buddha of ask for instructions: "Buddha! Your past world created what works, and the fruit cable that can you have so much tower? And the fruit cable that can you have so much tower??

It is difficult that Buddha is A then tell about its past world to be Bosaiji when king, colour draws alms giving of 84 thousand majestic figure of Buddha to make offerings to to each country, get the predestined relationship of 84 thousand towers with such merits and virtues. A reachs place of Buddha of hearing of public attending the meeting hard to say, jubilate pursue.

Heart thing is different, merits and virtues has a difference. Children with devotional heart, deferential heart, jubilate the heart makes offerings to between the universe Buddha of cropland of the biggest blessing, with tope of broad heart build, promote Buddhist doctrine, the blessing that feels naturally kinglily signs up for.
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