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Deflower display Buddha
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Have a year of spring, buddha is in collect the Jiaohua in reading a city. Suddenly, transmit to be full of piteous singing far, then, ground of Buddha become silent sits down in brook edge.

Before long, one swarm men and women is old young, there is the flower that just picked in the hand, stood by Buddha quietly. The intimate friend that they see Buddha power light, see a lot of Bodhisattva child again around move Buddha, each as if one find out treasure in each heart, not period like that bee emerges to Buddha before, carry ceremony say on the head: "Buddha! We see your be on intimate terms is majestic, know you are great Buddha, only you just are true Immanuel. We give kingly order, arrive every day suburban deflower, decorate palace, when if be not collected,be being spent, our life retort with challenging questions is protected, flog bitter punishment falls flintily on the head. We are very lucky now can encounter mahatma Buddha, the person that be just as disease must encounter a good doctor, honest appearance does not give our joy, the flower that asks Buddha to accept us makes offerings to. The flower that asks Buddha to accept us makes offerings to..

Ground of Buddha pity Min smiles: "Cannot such, your flower gives Wang Mingcai to pick, if give I, make you get kingly penalty, I cannot bear at the heart. I cannot bear at the heart..

"Buddha! Ask examine of your be apt to our heart! Buddha is born, 100 million disaster are encountered hard, we aux would rather abandon this pungent and brief body life, also should make offerings to in order to spend Buddha, because of,sow be apt to, break away from affliction. Break away from affliction..

"If you were punished by king really, how to do? How to do??

"Buddha! We regret anything but, even if sees kill, the force of merits and virtues of depend on Buddha, also anything but fall evil line, be born at place of v comfortably be apt to necessarily. Be born at place of v comfortably be apt to necessarily..

Know the person of life anguish, ability starts unfixed heart truly. Then, buddha smiles, nod silently. They come loose the flower in Buddha to mix around in Buddha on the Bodhisattva child body by, instantly aromatic and fragrant, all over full empty sky.

Subsequently, buddha says 6 degrees big multiplication for their announce again, deflowering person sends clinking path heart, dismiss Buddha idea greatly, must not retreat turn, buddha very jubilate, award for them write down: "After you wait, regard as Buddha, buddha number all says fine flower. Buddha number all says fine flower..

After all deflowering people carry ceremony Buddha on the head, jubilate and go.

Offer Buddha sincerely, one spends what can obtain Buddha to award write down, power of Buddha is mysterious really!

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