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Deficient person offers Buddha
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Luo Yuecheng's masses is in consultative give 100 money each, make offerings to in order to run room Buddha and monk's numerous thing. Right now, one suffer from a person to be called gallinaceous head, poverty does not have money, he is squeezed in crowd pleasant to the ear everybody the conference, everybody sees his poor and dowdy look, say: "You do not have gold, do not have a qualification to attend, leave at once! Leave at once!!

Gallinaceous head is depressed feel puzzled, return the home, sadness heaves a sigh, the wife sees marital complexion is depressed, ask: "What thing is so sad, who subdues you? Who subdues you??

"Alas! Common people sees the person does not see its heart, although I am poor, but the heart is devotional, because do not have ginseng having money to add everybody to make offerings to,Buddha is reached than grave, and be evicted to come. And be evicted to come..

"Such before. " the wife smiles: "That is very easy, you can arrive not Miduoluo lends buy or sell on credit money in the home of better do feed. You can arrive not Miduoluo lends buy or sell on credit money in the home of better do feed..

The request in the home of better going before gallinaceous head joyfullies: "Among I am 10 days sure return your money, if cannot repay, I and my wife is sure will do slave slave-girl for you. " better is at ease 102 money then borrow him.

He tells everybody to say: "I am already rich now, ask you to also let me attend. Ask you to also let me attend..

Everybody inhospitality is pure: "We had been prepared, number is sufficient, do not need your money. Do not need your money..

Gallinaceous head although bilk bilk, the inhospitality that suffers others is despised, but he makes offerings to cordially the heart does not move stably, after 2 people of connubial discuss, the report before coming to Buddha everything, say of head of chicken of Buddha pity Min: "Your devotional respect, I already examine knows, buddha won't of disappoint a person with high aspirations and determination. Tomorrow, I should be accepted with all child should offer, in the meantime, you also can ask king to suffer together feed. You also can ask king to suffer together feed..

Gallinaceous head hears talk, jubilate caper, be elated, excitedly ground enters palace in, to kingly say: "King! I am consider oneself most fortunate really, meng Fo Tuo is compassionate, tomorrow wants those who accept me to make offerings to. The meaning of Buddha, also welcome you presence is cold abandon. Also welcome you presence is cold abandon..

King is the child is in the home of Buddha, listen to Buddha to have a lot, that dare slight, drive car is gone to meeting.

At this moment, day emperor commentate know this impressive thing, to Wang Shui of 毘 Sramana day: "Worldly one suffer from person chicken head, hair is big jubilate heart, offer Buddha fast monk piously, you can go assist sets room. You can go assist sets room..
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