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Of tourist attraction of general Tuo hill do not agree to go avalokitesvara cour
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Beside wet sound hole, have ha-ha of a yellow round 3 plain family hall for worshipping Buddha, cigarette of all the year round in family hall for worshipping Buddha winds around, this does not agree to go namely avalokitesvara courtyard. Rebuilt 1980. According to legend, 4 years are connected in Tang Xian, japanese monk Hui E gets avalokitesvara figure of Buddha to go boating please from 5 hill go back to the motherland, hang Zhilian beautiful ocean is new near collect reef, all over sea lotus, the boat cannot go, hui E's Great Master is like our country all living creatures to see Buddha without the predestined relationship to “ of prayer of figure of Buddha, when from place to build blue ” of essence of life. The boat is eventually by wet sound hole berth bank, have local dweller Zhang sees this spirit surprise, abandon then curtilage consecrate figure of Buddha, the “ that be called does not agree to go avalokitesvara courtyard ” , this is “ Buddha hill of Tuo of general of ”——— of the hill that pick a name becomes avalokitesvara Taoist or Buddhish rites begin, reason all through the ages is inspected Pu Tuo the first hut, burning incense is flourishing, different common. Between next year of chastity of the later Liang dynasty of the Five Dynasties (917) change location thes foot of a hill or mountain at clever vulture peak (namely today the predecessor of general aid temple) , the site on wet sound hole consequently annihilation.
In August 1918, after the Reform Movement of 1898 fails, health promising gentleman arrives general Tuo hill is small rest and make Shi Shuhuai: “ avalokitesvara crosses this not to agree to go, tuo of general of maritime god Shan Chong. The discretion between the building 200 temples, ichthyosaur with a bang coils myriad wave. The cloud and islands green unfinished, sound of Buddhist miscellaneous agitation is more. Clear Sukhavati of the first world, be about to search rest really unexpectedly how? ”

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