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The Fa Yuchan temple of tourist attraction of general Tuo hill
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The temple after temple common weighs Fa Yuchan, hill of the Tuo that it is general the 2nd big temple, be located in 1000 paces the Guang Xifeng of side issues Sha Beiduan on the west, temple of the aid that be apart from general 2.8 kilometers. Only then build Yumingmo between calendar year, it rob via a few after is difficult to rob via a few after, qing Kangxi 28 years, 2 temples get rain of general aid, law the imperial court is granted state treasury. Later the body of Gu of bright beneficial a Buddhist monk of law rain temple enters Fujian, with 3 years time collect gets fir more than 1000 individual plant, build with these lumber ripely hall, offer avalokitesvara figure of Buddha only, big Xiong Baodian is built again after two years, lay all a term applied to a kindhearted person. Qing Chaoting granted the Christian era again 1699 Jin Xiusi, ” of rain of law of Tianhua of Kang Xici “ and “ Fa Yuchan temple ” a horizontal inscribed board, only then calm today renown.
Law rain temple covers an area of 33408 square metre, mutual floor area 13845.49 square metre, dian Yu 324, use on structure composition take according to hill situation, the pattern with step-up hive off. From day king hall till abbot hall, hall hall is elevatory, the temple allows baronial Gao Yuan, atmosphere is transcendental.

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