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The Pu Jichan temple of tourist attraction of general Tuo hill
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General aid temple is located in the foot of mountain austral clever vulture peak, avalokitesvara of consecrate of hill of the Tuo that it is general is big person advocate Buddhist templeput on the brakes,

Bethel and general aid temple found the Buddha country of general Tuo hill about, of general aid temple promote decline history of rise and fall namely the buddhism of Pu Tuo hill history.
The predecessor of general aid temple is " do not agree to go avalokitesvara courtyard " , tang Shijian, zong Zhao of god of the Song Dynasty made rebuild 1080 and give a name " temple of treasure Tuo avalokitesvara " , lay avalokitesvara a term applied to a kindhearted person only, burning incense only then fill, to the Southern Song Dynasty fine decide book of drive of 7 years of emperors " ripely Bao Dian " the forehead, appoint general Tuo hill to be offer avalokitesvara Taoist or Buddhish rites only. 1421 bright Zhu Yuanzhang executes ban on maritime trade to destroy a temple, heart 10 years (1515) , seng Danzhai collect alms promotes Fu Dianyu, greet Buddha to return hill, rebuild fane, to 10 thousand all previous 33 years (1605) , the imperial court allocates funds rebuild, grant frontal imperial order to build " protect temple of buddhist of Tuo of Guo Yongshou general " , dimensions is baronial, temporarily armour at Changjiang Delta.

Kang Xi 4 years (1665) , meet with Holand colonialism person trample, fane by foray one sky. 1689, coastal areas and territorial seas is appeased, gold of Kang Xi Ji is built. Yong Zhengjiu year (1731) extend fane dimensions is baronial, become present basis then. The fane after the War of Resistance Against Japan is flat, "Culture Revolution " during figure of Buddha all is destroyed, abbe by demobilize, comprehensive 1979 rehabilitate, weighed avalokitesvara of model adjoin Lu 1981.

General aid temple covers an area of 37015 square metre, divide 10 halls 12 buildings, have 17 Ge Hexuan in all 367, floor area amounts to 15288.82 square metre, compare now before more brilliant.

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