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The stone of huge rock Tuo of tourist attraction of general Tuo hill
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Stone of huge rock Tuo huts in plum blessing on the west, by fluctuation two stone look is weary and into, below huge rock of day of a megalith, above flat bottom needle is 3 meters tall on a megalith, 7 meters wide, show lozenge, bulk makes an appointment with 43 stere, make an appointment with 400 tons again, day Tuo. Juncture of below two stone is in clearance to be like a line on, be like receive did not receive, one stone sky hangs seem on one stone, be like megalith blows a gale to boil and fall above meeting general, but common 229 passengers play in its top, it is smooth and steady however be like huge rock, it is weird great marvellous spectacle really. According to legend stone of Tuo of this huge rock is avalokitesvara big person view place, on stone quarter have Hou Jigao book " big person the view is in " . Sun Zhongshan came here to swim 1916, carried a pen to write " clever stone " 2 words.

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