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The Nanhai avalokitesvara of tourist attraction of general Tuo hill
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The mark sex that built 1997 " Nanhai avalokitesvara " giant outdoor bronze, brilliance light, the humanitarian landscape that is full-bodied Buddhist culture atmosphere added brightness, all the year round burning incense is flourishing, visitor is constant. "Nanhai avalokitesvara " bronze stands tall and upright in Long Wan hillock of general Tuo Shan Naduan, here situation rises along with hillock, free of suitable arteries and veins of beautiful Lin Congyu, gas, blue waves swings day of overflow, water monochromatic.
Nanhai avalokitesvara treasure shows Mi Tuo like the top, binocular hang down inspect, eyebrow is like new moon, left hand holds law annulus in the palm, the right hand is applied dauntless imprint, show infinitely merciful photograph. Resemble height 18 meters, lotus 2 meters tall, three-layer base 13 meters, overall height 33 meters, cover an area of 5500 square metre, inferior golden copper is cast, gross weight 70 tons, among them facial weigh 1.42 tons, 2.65 meters tall, 2.4 meters wide, contain bullion 6.5 kilograms. Can calls current world avalokitesvara bronze most, be country of sea day Buddha is indicative.

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