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Do not agree to go the origin of avalokitesvara courtyard
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Look at this name " do not agree to go avalokitesvara courtyard " a lot of people can have doubt, doesn't avalokitesvara agree to come in avalokitesvara courtyard? The answer is negative for certain. This wants restrospect to between Tang Danian, the Christian era when 863 years, japan has a monk that makes intelligent another name for Hubei province, he is far cross the seas and oceans to join deep meditation to 5 hill, japan should be answered after merits and virtues is satisfactory, take a fancy to him, those who be put in avalokitesvara hall one honour 2 meters many tall avalokitesvara Bodhisattva was taken away, from bright city, namely present Ning Bo changes way of be on fire, when way lotus is foreign, originally clear sky 10 thousand lis weather, big fog had suddenly on vast area, still appeared Tie Lianhua, also trammels the boat, go not know clearly, intelligent another name for Hubei province is a dignitary it is with respect to genuflect before avalokitesvara Bodhisattva devotional, say: Bodhisattva Bodhisattva, if our country monk and my Buddha do not have a predestined relationship,I do not take to Japan. Devotional sound falls, surface gives birth to a buffalo, ate Tie Lianhua, the cloud and mist on offing also dropped off. such, intelligent another name for Hubei province abandons boat land, will to the bank see a dweller is waiting for him over, ask whether he comes from Japan, intelligent another name for Hubei province is very open-eyed ask its, how you know. Dweller answer says, he made a dream last night, there is a Bai Yi in the dream big person show him to say, can a Japanese monk is taken today one honour figure of Buddha arrives you this, you should clean the central room in the home clean, will salute Bodhisattva advent. such, intelligent another name for Hubei province the avalokitesvara a term applied to a kindhearted person that brings from 5 hill, for was in in 3 jacal of the dweller, became what we see now not to agree to go avalokitesvara courtyard, it is avalokitesvara actually Dashibuken goes to Japan, is not not to agree to come in avalokitesvara courtyard.

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