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The pace of tourist attraction of general Tuo hill is sanded
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Sand of 1000 paces gold also calls 1000 paces sand, in the coast of the eastpart part of general Tuo hill, north of mountain of a few rooms rises south, northeast comes Wang Haiting. The name of road of an abide hill of side of general Tuo Shandong " jade hall street " , the street is right it is 1000 paces sand namely littoral, face south too south people for 100 paces sand. 1000 paces sand because its length is close 1000 paces and get a name.

1000 paces gold is sanded, sanded color is like gold, pure and loose, wide calm soft beauty, be just as bright and beautiful mattress to set banquet, the person goes on its, do not immerse not defect. Here ocean wave day and night berth bank, billows sound is incessant. Tide play is sanded, will be like flying waterfall, if drag is experienced,stop. Every encounter fresh gale bore, bang thunder becomes snow again, soul of break popular feeling. During lazying and idle, weird blame constant, peculiar landscape, indescribable. Slope of 1000 paces rustle is gently, offshore but broad, and riprap key is not had in water, often be favour of place of natant good athlete. The tourist that comes in summer, must not miss this one landscape, or after You Shan, bare is worn sufficient travel on its, make ocean wave close stroke your instep, its are interesting its Mi, the person that try without kissing is inconceivable. Perhaps sit on the beach silently, hear wet voice. Flat perhaps change a swimsuit to jump Buddha sea great waves, it can take rice to you infinite and cool. Sand of 1000 paces gold is not very beautiful by day only, every are faced moonlight, lovely wowan delay moves, cool breeze blow gently, the hair when billows sound, its Qing Mujing is lubricious more poetic flavour is abundant. Reason someone ever emerged its and gallant rising sun day, add up to hill of Tuo weighing former time to watch absolutely.

See Buddha state to make more tourists full scene, enjoy beach interest. Management board of general Tuo hill is new rolled out in order to face south sand of hole, 100 paces, 1000 paces sand is bibcock, in order to watch the seascape, travel line for special use that enjoys seawater to be main distinguishing feature, happy in 1000 paces Sha You center Lichuansha beach advantage, built the play pool of 4 5500 square metre, purchased touch meet a ship, still raised the goldfish between red Huang Xiang of 6000 much end in play cistern, introduce a lot of square columbine put in a suitable place to breed in cover an area of 144 much square metre, be located in 1000 paces sand to carry on the back " Manila " on lawn, for swimming to be tasted objectively. Of new open " motorboat " . "Drawing parachute " wait for mobile rich and colorful, still built 200 square metre rental shower room, purchased more than 10 speedboat, and open up a light boat of upper reaches of Sha Hai of 100 paces sand, 1000 paces visits a project.
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