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The woman red-letter day of all kinds of strange things of world each district
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Switzerland " in power day " -- annual January 4 is Switzerland of certain zone " day of woman in power " , by a definite date in festival of 4 days, general affairs of the size in the home said to calculate by the woman completely, man completely " conclude " .

England " courtship day " -- whenever bissextile Feburary 29 is British old common is medium " woman courtship day " . This day, the woman can cast off lay regulations, bold to the person oen is in love with or the lover signal that did not make up an idea.

Spain " mayoress section " -- manage municipal official business by the female that day, issue orders, the man is like defy, meeting by the public group case attack.

Japan " girl section " -- March 3 is Japan is national " girl section " , say again " girl section " . Be worth hearts at this moment newspaper spring, be female beauty is indicative, also cry so " peach blossom section " .

Nepalese & India " mom section " -- April, be in Nepalese the woman red-letter day that has a last a period of time 3 days, each district woman is wrapping around gules gauze basket, gang emerges to capital Jia Deman Pasupadi temple. They are in satiate after the cate that boils by marital boil, sing paean greatly before God. India also has " mom section " , the gauze that the person that already was person parent puts on chromatic profusion basket, take all sorts of jewelry, this also is in a year they most suffer valued one day. August 12 is Thailand " mom section " .

Central Africa " mother's day " -- May 29 is Central Africa " mom section " , the mother should take the child to join parade.

Spain " 100 female division " -- May the 3rd Sunday, ordered marriage still not the Spanish girls of move into one's husband's household upon marriage hold beautiful uprise, mutual blessing.

Germany " madam section " -- will reach September 15 is German hamburger on August 23 " madam section " , act by what the woman comprises art the play that the team plays equality of men and women of a few conduct propaganda only is celebrated with showing.

Germany " carnival " -- will come 15 days on October 10, the woman of area of German Lai mattress " great freedom " , male people must not examine the content of explore woman activity, the person that violate can be caught accusatory.

Greek " playday " -- will arrive on December 31 the following day midday is Greek " housewife playday " , the woman does not work in the home, all housework are assumed by the man completely.

Maweila " woman red-letter day " -- the woman red-letter day that October 17 is African Malawi republic, this day has national celebration, the man wants considerate to wife lackey, caress have add.

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