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The remote antiquity that uncover secret 10 eradicate species greatly gigantic s
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According to the United States " connect a line " magazine story, a few days ago, this magazine published remote antiquity 10 eradicate species greatly, include among them: The ala exhibits the gigantic arteries and veins that achieves 75 centimeters 6 feet dragonfly, tall, half tons heavy " King Kong " gigantic simian.

1, gigantic tooth shark

Double the body length of gigantic tooth shark is contemporary shark, have 50 feet long at least, this remote antiquity " hunt reduces a machine " long unusually sharp tooth, every tooth resembles a Bo Yi the knife is same. In be apart from eradicate 1.6 million years ago today.

2, ancient centipede bug (Arthropleura Armata)

Its creeping appearance special resemble centipede, live in Carboniferous period. Body length of this kind of ancient insect 7 feet, about is very horrible, in be apart from today the Permian period 29 million years ago is eradicated.

3, dragonfly of gigantic arteries and veins

Dragonfly of name large remaining part or dragonfly of huge remaining part, it is a kind of insect of the Carboniferous 3 million years ago, the dragonfly with nowadays is adjacent. Its wing spreads out broadness to amount to 75 centimeters, it is foregone the biggest insect ever appeared on the earth. In be apart from today Permian period is eradicated 2.5 million years ago.

4, elephantine bird

Resembling a bird is a kind very lofty avian, the station can amount to basketball ball casing in ground height, the egg that produces like the bird is as long as 1 foot, if this is planted,still survive like the bird in nowadays, egg of bird of elephant of people morning edible is rich big food, decoct of an egg elephantine a bird comes out to be equivalent to 40 eggs. Bird of the elephant when 16 centuries disappeared from the earth.

5, Siberia board tine rhinoceros

Siberia body length of board tine rhinoceros 20 feet, run rise like one lead horse, resist with 6 feet long rhinoceros horn the attack of aggressor. It is everywhere of provoke a dispute " alone horny animal " . In be apart from eradicate 800 thousand years ago today.

6, gigantic simian

About gigantic simian understanding is to come from the dental fossil that discovers it at archaeologist, level of this King Kong is huge simian 9 feet are as high as when standing, weight achieves half tons. In be apart from eradicate 300 thousand years ago today.

7, ancient and giant sea scorpion

Ancient and giant sea scorpion is actually a kind arthropod, special resemble a spider, it has 10 feet long, growing 4 eyes, it can be moved in briny middle reaches not only, still can crawl on land. In be apart from eradicate 248 million years ago today.

8, beautiful Buddhist nun ichthyosaur

Beautiful Buddhist nun the houseboat size with the quite contemporary bodily form of ichthyosaur, have the exterior like whale, its tooth is growing and pointed nose extreme. According to the skeletal fossil of mining, its body length achieves 15-20 rice. In be apart from eradicate 248 million years ago today.
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