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The souvenir that 7 kinds of tourists cannot take away folklore
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In travel road, the souvenir of some travel ground is cursed, be full of evil influence, the meeting after was being bought is brought unspecified.

Among them the most dangerous person, not cross the Sha Shi that Wu Xia power smooths. Arrive when the tourist face, hawaiian tourism bureau already had annunciate board to write on " do not take away Hawaiian churchyard any sanded stone " , a lot of tourists can think only is environmental protection reason, do not destroy nature just, but it is a poisonous cuss because of Hawaiian clansman actually!

Besides Hawaiian, another place that also has stone curse is Scotland, but this is not a lot of people to know. Scotland Trojan of ancient time falls to curse when die, must not alien takes away the land over there, especially in former days Aberdonian often inbreak, your complaint is strengthened, reason curse continues to all the time today.

To the person of Tibet or Nepalese travel, always like the butcher archives on the street to buy small high-quality goods, but some however not simple, it is the thing that in former days Tibetan koradji or noble use place of servile person character to do, the bowl may be poll bone; Trumpet horn may be person shank; Small box may be basin bone, bought you to also do not know. If be had illegally,someone says these things, easy call back the spirit of the dead, and can speak Nepalese or Tibetan fetch. Letter of ten thousand skill gives a friend, disastrous really.

It is outside the hall adytum of a lot of Japanese cloister and divine organized body, often can letter of be apt to delivers fair son, especially Japanese convention fair young, but must not take, because these were put old fair young, japanese believes already had intelligence, want cloister fire burn-up or consecrate to be inside temple, can kill family otherwise. So Japanese does not love to buy old doll or fair young animal in flea ground booth, lest offend clever.

EvilEye of eye of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, call blue eye BlueEye again, it is the hand letter with the famousest Turkey, also be most the thing of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease. This is a source what predict competition at middle east auspicious is wizard, hang an evil to the eye is in the home or go up in the body, the evil influence of the arrival outside can be being sucked and envy heart. So Dai Zhe often should change eye of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, because evil influence became full not only begin to have magic power, and can kill a person. Somebody ever arrived soon in person pop of eye of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease,

Traditional ancient civilized Egypt, circulate the widest evil curse nature is Pharaoh curse, if destroyed the person of law old sleep deeply,can bear a curse only. But meet even the article from the purloin in Pharaoh grave so Jonah, the feline God that black becomes with be being besmeared in the center is most effective. Reach in Gu Ai by deify bright cat, get the cat that the law often dotes on especially, after the law often dies, meeting Fang makes black stone resemble be being put in law old grave according to it, suffer apply next curses, when everybody buys a hand to believe to Egypt, must notice!
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