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In bay make friend with dolphin
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Australia the class multiplies Bulisi Mo Du of luxurious houseboat over or across is thalassic, need 75 minutes only, you can arrive at day of Ge Lou Ma feral cowfish goes vacationing village.
Ma of day cabinet dew is feral dolphin goes vacationing village park of home of Mo Du insularity of 3 near neighbour, be located in the man-made landscape with pretty scenery and natural forest. The small building of low layer villa that has Mediterranean amorous feelings quite, according to hill make use of condition, can enjoy fresh sea breeze. Fasten wild in the furniture with elegant stock, bathroom, kitchen, color television, still have lead to oneself the cool woodiness floor of private gazebo.

In Ma of day cabinet dew feral cowfish goes vacationing a window that the village lives is the wild animal with this locality close communication. Everyday towards evening, cowfish of wide mouth of Ma of day cabinet dew can swim agog to beach, by the dock with bright light, await dolphin paramedic and go vacationing the guest of the village is fed to them eat fresh fish. No matter you are to be participated in personally,feed feed dolphin, still stand on dock to watch merely, your metropolis is touched by these beautiful demiurgic place. Every morning, the pelican of the perch on the island and cormorant still are met on the beach enjoy 9 pails of fish cook breakfast.

Besides the feral cowfish of famed world, ma is shown in Tian Ge, you still can enter a series of other activities, for instance ball of tennis, wall, archery, dive, fishing, caique sails, suck implement phreatic water, forest hikes, short be apart from golf to wait a moment. The car that you still can take four-wheel drive takes you to go to national park by the tourist guide the most wonderful tourist attraction looks around visit. These tourist attractions include to be located in lagoon of beach of the Kun Shilan of Mo Du horn's oldest beacon, ocean and blue. Or, the bus that you can take four-wheel drive goes " desert " the slippery sand that attends alarmingly dangerous stimulation.


Tian Ge shows Ma to be able to satisfy the requirement of different age tourist. Teenage club has an activity everyday, the center is taught in ocean, children can learn marine biologic knowledge. Night, tourists can be enjoyed in the restaurant with complete establishment hard the dinner of dismiss from one's mind, the coffee that also can go up in the beach eat a luncheonette. Or, you still can be in go vacationing oneself start work in villa cook, enjoy a few private spaces. The shop on the island can give you all needs goods.

After dinner, you can attend every night recreational activities, perhaps stroll below moon at endless argent beach.

Feed dolphin place: Island of Mo Du of Kun Shilan Lisbon, ma of day cabinet dew is feral dolphin goes vacationing village.
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