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Notice of Beijing of foreign tourist travel
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One, visa
At native China place of diplomatic and consular missions applies for travel visa. If carry Chinese travel agent,application group travels visa is more convenient. Travel visa period of efficacy is two months commonly, can lengthen appropriately after place of personage of foreign nationality of national security bureau is permissive. If hope to continue to keep 3 months above in China, must arrive in the application outside Chinese condition after new visa in can be being returned.

Normally Hong Kong is the optimal choice that applies for the ground. Exceed the time limit stops will be in with every 500 yuan of RMBs (55 dollars) amerce. Taiwan brethren can part a company through the Chinese travel agent of Hong Kong or department of Hong Kong of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs obtains visa, yi Ke applies for visa at the Chinese diplomatic and consular missions of state of transit. Dweller of HongKong and Macow must hold discrepancy condition card or card of return to native place goes back and forth between mainland HongKong and Macow between. Return to native place of abroad countrymen residing abroad need not visa, require the identification of hold effect passport and approval of Chinese government sector only.

If passport or visa lose in Chinese churchyard, answer to sign up for the diplomatic and consular missions in knowing expensive country to be stationed in and Chinese state security bureau instantly. Personage of foreign nationality of Beijing state security bureau is in: Stable door ave 2 phones: 84015292

2, custom
Enter a country the passenger allows each one to carry following article: Recorder of type of camera, portable box, hand camera, portable photograph machine, portable computer. When the passenger carries private article to exceed afore-mentioned limitation, must declare at customs register.

3, about debt
Dweller of the China when the passenger enters a country does not have the restriction that carries amount of amount of foreign currency, traveller's check, credit card, but the person that blame China dweller carries ready money of more than 5000 dollars should declare at customs. Foreign tourist can carry territory of China of discrepancy of 6000 yuan of RMBs only.

Main world current credit card amounts to card, VISA card, JCB card and Express to all can be in China like all things restaurant of bazaar of large general merchandise, airline, high-grade hotel is used. Custom allows to press declare at customs circumstance or convert foreign currency by byelaw of control of national foreign currency. Guesthouse is reached in most bank all exchangeable cash or traveller's check. When changing, need to issue a passport. If change a RMB, be sure to withhold change counterfoil, so that leave the country when more than RMB (blame the international market is current) trade native money.

4, cultural relic (include work of home of contemporary and famous painting and calligraphy)
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