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The right with due tourist
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1. Enjoy know travel to serve true condition, ask travel operator safety fulfills the right of travel contract. During travel operator offers travel to serve, requirement having right visits a tourist attraction, time, circuit and shopping dot, project of special travel activity, traffic, the standard of board and lodging; Tourist guide content, reach its level; Travel expenses; The concerned travel such as travel accident insurance serves a situation, sign travel contract with travel operator.
2. chooses the right of the service independently. When tourist is having travel activity, authority chooses travel operator and service way independently, choose travel goods independently, free decision is accepted or do not accept an any services outside the agreement.
3. enjoys the right that trades fairly. When tourist is having travel activity, authority obtains quality safeguard, the price is reasonable wait for fair trading terms, those who reject travel operator is compulsive trade behavior.
4. enjoys person, belongings safety does not get damaged right. Tourist has the travel service that authority asks travel operator is offerred to accord with person, the requirement of belongings safety.
5. enjoys character dignity, ethical custom habit receives valued right.
Because 6. tourist accepts a service to get person, belongings damages, enjoy the right that acquires compensation lawfully, authority is complained to concerned branch, sue.
7. tourist lodges in travel, meal, shop, take car boat, hand in the airport to build cost, buy the respect such as entrance ticket of travel tourist attraction, all enjoy same treatment, execute congener with valence. Law, what code sets is other and relevant the right

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