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Travel consumes knot of careful of lawsuit on the spot
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Top people court issues an announcement 2 days to countrywide court, the requirement pushs people court civilian construction, through itinerate flow handles a case wait for means cognizance to involve the consumer, case such as tourist rights and interests.

Announcement requirement, court of basic level people is OK according to this locality actual condition, wait in mart of trade of travel beauty spot, market involve tourist, customer the issue closes etc of legitimate rights and interests the dispute of personal interest sends people easily place, fixed or nonsked itinerate flow handles a case, put on record of on the spot, on the spot is tried, mediate at once, on the court end a case. Should rise hard on the court rate of end a case, dissolve social contradiction dispute in time, protect party to close right increase lawfully, raise legal system to publicize educational actual effect, uphold normal market order.

According to introducing, top people court will be August to fulfil on informal discussion of dean of countrywide High Court 23 countrywide judicatory are civilian concrete step, to the whole nation various people court issues an announcement 2 days, offer specific directive opinion. Afore-mentioned regulations are one of directive opinions that offer in the announcement.

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