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Of class of star of hotel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals del
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" of class of star of hotel of travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals delimit dispenses assess " (GB/T 14308, since 93) was released 1993 oneself, to the construction of guidance and normative travel restaurant and management, industry of hotel of travel of stimulative our country and international conform, produced tremendous effect. As the development of industry of hotel of our country travel, also appeared the new case of a few notable research, if different hotel already formed different passenger source object and consumptive administrative levels, the society offers can replace a service the project also is increasing ceaselessly, this asks restaurant of travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals ought to need category of function of sue for peace according to oneself passenger source, more own land chooses to serve an item. Travel to avoid the resource of restaurant company is unused with waste, construction of hotel of travel of stimulative our country and management health develop, need pair of GB/T 14308, 93 undertake editing.
Castigatory is main content is as follows:
1. Citing joined in the standard " travel restaurant uses public information graphic symbol " (LB/T 001, 1995) , made particular demand in each star class;
2. Ask to be changed somewhat to the language of station of each star class, each work;
3. The requirement that counts lowermost measure to guest room of SamSung class above by 50 original instead 40;
4. The requirement of the smallest to guest room of hotel of above of 4 stars class area measures melt into 20 square metre;
5. The requirement to the kitchen more refine;
6. Joined options to look to restaurant of SamSung class above, make restaurant can need actually to invest certainly and manage what project according to his management. Options looks in all 79, include guest room 10; Dining-room and bar 9; Business affairs establishment reachs 5 services; Conference establishment 10; Communal reach healthy recreation establishment 42. Ask SamSung class chooses 11 at least among them; 4 stars class chooses 28 at least; 5 stars class chooses 35 at least;
7. Cancel in the standard the 8th, two 9 parts that have nothing to do with this standard.
This standard was released on September 1, 1993 first, edit first on October 16, 1997, replace GB/T 14308 since May 1, 1998, 93.
This standard is put forward by national tourism bureau.
This standard standardizes a technology to committee puts in a mouth 's charge and be in charge of explaining by countrywide travel.
This standard basically drafts an unit: Restaurant of travel agent of national tourism bureau runs department.
This standard basically drafts a person: Heart of Wei Xiaoan, Liu Wei, Zhu Yadong, He Gonglin, Zhang Mingwu, Peng is become.
GB/T 14308 of level of state of People's Republic of China, of class of star of hotel of 1997 travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals differentiate reach assess to replace GB/T 14308, 93
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