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Sheng Si a chain of islands is special characteristic travel circuitry
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Element has " hill of maritime celestial being " beautiful praise Sheng Si a chain of islands is our country landscape of only national level a chain of islands scenic spot area, it is located in north of boat hill archipelago, grow the confluent point of estuarine and Hangzhou bay, lie between sea facies to look with Shanghai, wet harbor of westing Shanghai reed only 17 sea mile, na Lin " Nanhai Buddha country " Pu Tuo hill, the Pacific Ocean of vast is faced east, carry recumbent China on the back to have the area of economy of delta of the Yangtse River of vigor most, situation is advantageous.
Lubricious of primitive simplicity of smooth hill of sea of Sheng Si a chain of islands is strong beautiful, sea area is vast, islands is dotted, maritime scene is colorful, stone of strange cliff different cans be found everywhere, rub between blue sea of green hill of ornament of cliff carved stone, fishing ground amorous feelings is full-bodied. The natural scene such as danger of beautiful of beauty of Hai Han, reef, beach, Shi Ji, cliff, the semi-tropical season common practice that imposes a winter not to have cruel arrange without freezing, summer is awaited, build Sheng Si travel of such one person collect, sightseeing, go vacationing, the ideal Eden of recreational, maritime motion.
The aquatic product with Sheng Si rich a chain of islands, full-bodied and peculiar island amorous feelings can attract you to experience sea of true place oneself surely, the fun of appropriative fishing family, stop between each islands enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave. Sheng Si a chain of islands welcomes your arrival!

Special offer of zoology of ocean of Sheng Si a chain of islands swims 2 days
D1: In the morning 10: Dock of area reed wet harbor is collected to sit south 00 Shanghai constant law annulus go to Sheng, about 12: 00 the left and right sides touchs Sheng, dock receives a group. Join car annulus island afternoon continent (tourist attraction: Hill of scene of view of double sanded booth, big Bei does obeisance to true bonze of Buddha, ancient bronze mirror to take the sea-voyage eastward scene of a chain of islands of view of memorial hall, summit, establishment of visiting military affairs, littoral paddle, step billow) or enter activity of beach Yu Jiale: (bath of bathing place sea, help a network, push a net to fish, reap mussel, beach to accuse edge of sanded crab, reef to pick up football of the conch, shellfish that collect the sea, beach, volleyball, on arbor view scene) .
D2: Enter the activity on fishing home Le Hai in the morning: Sit fisher undertakes dragnet fishs, shrimp, maritime go angling, crab basket crab, on mice hill is expeditionary, pick up the conch, shellfish that collect the sea, wear Shi Jing of mousehole, view to wait. After lunch, seafood market buys seafood, 13: 00 exuberance annulus, 14: 00 constant law annulus return Lu Chao harbor.

Special offer of zoology of ocean of Sheng Si a chain of islands swims 3 days
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