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East extremely theme of maritime the Potala Palace swims
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Time: On March 1, the phone will be booked on April 25: 05802968266 name: East extremely temple child island of lake green creek swims 2 days formula (total package value) type: Recreational model quote: 380 yuan / person (standard room 2 people room or room of husband and wife) 320 yuan / person (hostel of fishing home characteristic) time: 2? / TD>

All right




D1: House of early distinguished guest 7: 30 gather, dock multiplies 8: 15 " east extremely annulus " before setting out, go to east extremely seat of town people government temple child lake, rest baggage belt a little to hotel, temple child lake haven experiences polar scene, have some of easy digestive thing at will midday (the passenger that considers the likelihood is a little seasick) , bag boat heads for green creek island afternoon, the Potala Palace on Yuan Guanhai, paddle of white stone beach or head for creek hole expeditionary, eat feral seafood big food in the evening, meal hind admires beautiful seaside night scene, swing, heavy in tide sound sleep deeply goes.

D2: In the morning 4: Shandong of the 00 in the future before getting up circle in the air the first dawn of booth view China, admire Dong Xiang tidewater, 6: 00 have breakfast (face of steamed stuffed bun, soya-bean milk, seafood) , after resting, you Donghai door of bodyguard of the first chirp, coastal areas and territorial seas, soldier is the 2nd birthplace, naval frontier defence battalion, arrive money uncle fair temple is entered sweet, ascend pole loves an area (extremely love the film to film location) , overlook sea nature is uniform, 10: 00 times hostel eats Chinese food, 11: 00 by east extremely annulus return Shenyang door, afternoon 2: 00 the left and right sides reachs Shenyang door dock of half litres of hole, shop toward city of 1000 islands seafood before, send a group, the end is romantic east extremely the brigade of the experience.





Maritime the Potala Palace, cropland bends natural outdoor bathing place, World War II east pole piscatorial brave saves British colony to mark an area -- area of creek hole scene, money uncle is fair temple

East extremely the fisherman draws an exhibition hall outlook of hall of Dong Xiang of monument to revolutionary martyrs of guerrilla of the East China Sea of money uncle fair statue is current
Soldier the East China Sea of door of bodyguard of coastal areas and territorial seas of the 2nd birthplace the first chirp extremely love an area (heliport, " extremely love " film location) the sea angles area





① Shenyang door, east extremely insular steamer ticket going there and back and steamer ticket book cost;
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