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Luxurious east extremely insular helicopter Shuang Fei adds seascape room to lod
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Book a hot line: 0580-2968266 Hair is round every Saturday since July, upper limit 12 people¥ 990 yuan of /Since the person There are antarctic and arctic on “ world, the bright phearl —— that still enchasing a bright on Chinese the East China Sea east extremely ” .
East polar manage position is unique, be located in boat hill archipelago most east upright, be located in east diameter 122.4 degrees, north latitude 30.1 degrees between. The East China Sea is received to two brother island east (high seas is outside 12 sea mile) , foreign saddle fishing ground is received to Huang Dayang south, gigantic ocean of another name for Taishan Mountain comes on the west, north comes Sheng hill fishing ground. East extremely Zhu Daoyuan leaves Zhou Shan this island, the door that be apart from Shenyang 45.5 kilometers, land region area is 11.7 square kilometer, have volume 28 islands and 108 cay. Boat hill archipelago is namely extremely east east upright islands, also be Chinese ocean at the same time most east the border land islands of end, “ east extremely ”—— be worthy of the name.
There is the fishing home distinguishing feature of grumous, of primitive simplicity not only extremely east, have the view of that too many beautiful things more, it undertook the whole thing almost reef of the sunshine on real significance, blue sea, island, choice seafood. And climate is delightful, water quality is clear, it is rare pure ground. Offing changes all the year round here have constant, west lake of Jing Shenghang city, a wide expanse of flat land; Rage is more current than Qian Tangqiu, jing billows cracks a bank. East extremely Zhu Dao has good name of " of island of " cloud and mist, annual spring, summer, the cloud and mist on insular top waves circle, and coastal edge is sunshine illuminate all things however, colourful is marvellous spectacle. Cliff of high of strange hill of hill of Dong Fushan, leaf, wonderful artical excelling nature, wei compares a father-in-law, danger is close two high mountain, be like Huang Shan quite, different is like huge rock the sliding weight of a steelyard.
East extremely the good name that the island has blue sea strange rock already, still have that beautiful and beautiful fabulous story. The Xu Fu when the Qin Dynasty of be handed down through generations leads the 3000 the East China Sea below Tong Nan Tong Nv to be begged for Qin Shi emperor immortal not old drug, stop the ground is Dong Fushan. Traveler of close, contemporary bookman Chinese ink also is gotten each coquettish, for east extremely left beautiful line of a lot of be handed down from ancient times, more east extremely accumulated rich culture details.
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