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Freedom of hill of Tuo of Shanghai general setting out goes (mosquito craft lodg
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Book special railway line: 0580-63027515

Booking go vacationing before the product, ask you to be read carefully book notice

Schedule setting out: Set out every day
The price: Since RMB 580 (specification having price)
The product sells a site:
★ mosquito craft lets you spend the shortest time to arrive at general Tuo hill, set out from Shanghai, one-way need 4 hours only, set out to be able to arrive midday in the morning!
The weather that you can choose to stay in general Tuo hill according to your journey counts ★ , all sorts of stars of hill of Tuo of aleatoric choice general the hotel of class class!
Between ★ retention, besides general Tuo hill beyond this island, the islands with other greatly small periphery is OK also patronage!
What random of room of hotel of + of ticket of couplet of ★ car boat counts late is one-stop book, can satisfy all your be fond of easily!

Pertinent information:

Mountain-climbing is pulled get the better of, look at blue sea, an island float go up in offing, the dot nods meantime of white sail travel, the picture is very attractive. Forefathers made so tall assessment to general Tuo hill: “ holds the success of the lake concurrently with hill, push a west lake; Hold Hai Zhisheng concurrently with hill, when the Tuo that push general. ” compares Pu Tuo and terrestrial heaven west lake, should say, this commment is objective. The sea weather outlook of general Tuo hill, be in no matter which scene area, tourist attraction, make the person feels unrestrained and far -ranging. Although have sea wind fulminatory, chaotic billow platoon is empty, do not make the person has the feeling of a situation full of danger however, feel these surprise respect marvellous spectacle make only person hearten ……

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