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Famous city of culture of the history that decide the of great capacity swims
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One day swims
Receive in the morning assist and, swim museum of hill of relics of ancient battlefield of the Opium War, boat; Visit a writer afternoon house of journal of Ao of 3 Mao Zuju showroom, horse.
5, " Hai Tianfo country " -- pilgrim swims
1, general Tuo hill swims one day: Shanghai / another name for Ningbo -- Pu Tuo hill
Swim in the morning law rain temple, black bamboo forest, do not agree to go avalokitesvara of hole of avalokitesvara courtyard, wet sound, Nanhai; Swim afternoon temple of aid of area of Western Paradise scene, general. Send a group.
Referenced quote: 241 yuan / person (add up to eat to expend 35 yuan / expend with fare, tourist guide on expenses of person day, entrance ticket, interval transportation, island, allow 2 stars housing)

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