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Amorous feelings of common of island, marine, fishing swims
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1, Sheng Si " Yu Jiale " swim 2 days
D1 receives round Shanghai / another name for Ningbo / town sea -- Sheng Si base lake beach visits old fishing county, simple fishing gear operation, knit flue, stay in fishing home.
D2 goes to sea by boat crab of fishing, net, on besmear of barren island barbecue, beach catchs crab, Shi Bei, Shi Luo.

2, island of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain " of fishing household, mud swim " activity
A line: Hill of another name for Taishan Mountain -- day of long Tu Er swims
D1 reachs harbor of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain early, go to sea by archaize fisher participate in traditional fishery exercise to demonstrate, pole comes in bite stockaded village of pirate of mouth door be a guest. Go angling is feral sea fish, can entrust machine for you dry article, bloat article etc. Return Gao Ting late to lodge.
D2 visits area of Ma Xingshan scene in the morning: Square of sound of Guqing of pagoda of Buddha of world of tea garden of temple of buddhist of kind cloud ecstasy, a fabled abode of immortals, China Tibet, jade, Buddhist, Xufu; House of custom of fisherman of visiting island fishery, Jinwei mirrors former residence. Visit area of sanded scene of cervine column fine afternoon: Column of horse of formic Long Suohai, bathing place, Xu Futing, punishment.
B Xian Daishan -- beautiful hill swims one day
Set out in the morning go beautiful hill island, visit feral roe example to raise courtyard of base, macrobian buddhist in the morning, join slippery mud campaign midday, afternoon You Xiushan bathing place, late dash forward Gao Ting.
Island of barren of hill of C line big garden seeks to live on self-help swims (the basis swims drab requirement is specific design)

3, Zhu Jiajian " Yu Jiale " swim 2 days
D1 receives a group to Zhu Jiajian, fishing a visit to the parents or schoolchildren or young workers talks -- Sha Haibin of bay of camphor tree city, ground, bathhouse from evening party of amusement, bonfire, nocturnal old Zhu Jiajian.
D2 does a day of fisherman: Take a ship to go to sea, net fishs, go angling picks up conch, send a group afternoon.

4, ant island Yu Jiale swims one day
Piece net crab is feral dish of the go angling, Shi Luo, home that taste fishing.

5, calm sea " peninsula recreation garden " go angling swims one day

6, area of travel of island of bird of the East China Sea swims one day
Place: This island goes to calm sea north by ship 7

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