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East extremely the day that dreamy sea angles swims
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3 days swim program arrangement


7: 30 Shenyang door dock of half litres of hole assembles
8: 15 by east extremely annulus go to east extremely temple child lake island
11: 30 temple child lake staying guesthouse
12:00 have dinner
15:0Islands of 0 You Miaozi lake
17:30 return guesthouse repast
19:00 seas angle the activity introduces, the fingerling of place of old fisherman introduction that asks place to have experience and sea angle characteristic


6:45-7:30 breakfast
7:30 set out sit the sea angles the boat ascends Gu island sea to if be deceived awaits an effect,angle instead Ji angles
11:30 simple and easy lunch is offerred in go angling ground the activity is unaltered afternoon
16:00 ends sea angles the activity returns guesthouse
17:0Dinner of gust of home of 0 arrangement fishing
19:00 seas angle experience, experience have an informal discussion


6:45-7:30 breakfast
8:00 annulus island swims
10:00 return guesthouse to arrange repast
11:00 multiply east extremely metempsychosis Shenyang door
13:30 Shenyang door sends a group


1, the because get,cannot resist climate influence after ascending an island is caused cannot return Shanghai tourist to need to pay guesthouse accommodation fee only by the plan this travel agent assumes simple and easy repast.

2, attending the sea to angle obedience answers to guide when the activity angle the arrangement of personnel notices because do not listen to an advice to cause an accident,safety is like

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