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East extremely insular romance swims 3 days
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Time: On March 1, the phone will be booked on April 25: 05802968266 name: East extremely romantic 3 days swim formula (total package value) type: Brief province quote: 660 yuan / person (standard room 2 people room or room of husband and wife) 580 yuan / person (hostel of fishing home characteristic) time: 3 days

All right




D1: In the morning 8: 15 by east extremely annulus before setting out, go to east extremely seat of town people government temple child lake, 11: 00 arrive at temple child the lake enters fishing home hotel, afternoon 1: 00 packets of boats set out go green creek island, look at maritime lie Buddha, reach the commercial and transportation center of green creek island of so-called and maritime the Potala Palace, arrive at creek hole World War II to commemorate the area is expeditionary, small perhaps curved hole expeditionary, Pan Yan. Towards evening 5: Or so 00 temple child lake, live in the evening temple child lake hotel, eat seafood night gear, listen to the sea, admire seaside night scene, swing.

D2: In the morning 8: 00 packets of boats head for Dong Fushan of borderland of the East China Sea, see sea day all the way monochromatic, mew flies, admire maritime the Potala Palace, Xi Fushan to lie Buddha, arrive at Dong Fushan to see maritime potted landscape, east extremely Shi Wuqun, ask boatman to give a week that circle an island (look weather situation) , next natant go angling of on the spot, or the edge is old stone rank mounts peak, view the East China Sea is the first chirp, white peak of cloud hole, proboscis. Towards evening 4: Or so 30 temple child lake, live in the evening temple child lake, eat nocturnal gear, swing.

D3: In the morning 4: Shandong of the 00 in the future before getting up circle in the air the first dawn of booth view China, admire Dong Xiang tidewater, 6: 00 have breakfast (face of steamed stuffed bun, soya-bean milk, seafood) , after resting, you Donghai door of bodyguard of the first chirp, coastal areas and territorial seas, soldier is the 2nd birthplace, naval frontier defence battalion, ascend pole loves an area (extremely love the film to film location) , overlook sea nature is uniform, 10: 00 hostel, eat Chinese food, 11: 00 by east extremely annulus return Shenyang door, afternoon 1: 30 the left and right sides reachs Shenyang door dock of half litres of hole, the end is romantic east extremely the brigade of the experience.





2 days of You Jing nod save worry green creek Dong Fushan





① Shenyang door, east extremely insular steamer ticket going there and back and steamer ticket book cost;

Room of ② guesthouse standard or hostel of fishing home characteristic;
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