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Scenery of hill of Tuo of general of area of scene of class of 4A of hill of Chi
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Scenery of general Tuo hill scenic spot area

Scenery of general Tuo hill scenic spot area


China of general Tuo mountain system is Buddhist one of 4 names hill, also be resort of famed island scenery travel at the same time. So beautiful, have the isle of historic site of so numerous cultural relic again, be in our country to be able to say is peerless. The sea weather outlook of general Tuo hill, be in no matter which scene area, tourist attraction, make the person feels unrestrained and far -ranging. Although have sea wind fulminatory, chaotic billow platoon is empty, do not make the person has the feeling of a situation full of danger however, feel view of these surprise respect office make only person hearten.

General Tuo hill serves as Buddhist resort, most flower has 82 temples to hut, sail of 128 place cogongrass, buddhist monks and nuns amounts to 4000 more than person. Come the person of this travel, stroll between the trail on the island, often can encounter the monk that wears robe. Beautiful natural scenery and full-bodied Buddha atmosphere, make it cheats a mysterious colour, and this kind of colour, also be the place that it has stronger appeal to tourist.

The scenery of general Tuo hill scenic spot, visit a site a lot of, basically have: Rain of general aid, law, intelligent aid 3 big temples, this is the biggest in the hut of more than 20 temples that nowadays saves. Temple of general aid buddhist only then build Yu Song, of avalokitesvara of the consecrate in be hill advocate Buddhist templeput on the brakes, building gross area makes an appointment with 11000 much square metre. Temple of law rain buddhist only then build Yu Ming, according to hill by danger, layer cascade is built, all round Gu Mu is very tall, very peaceful. Temple of intelligent aid buddhist is built on Buddha top hill, renown Buddha carries hill temple on the head. In hill sea conterminous place has a lot of stone hole wonderful scenery, the famousest is wet sound hole and Buddhist sound hole.

The scenery of general Tuo hill scenic spot the area has long Buddhist culture already, have rich island view again, of ancient person for country of Buddha of “ sea day world of ” , “ the first quiet condition ” .


Cultural Festival of avalokitesvara of Nanhai of hill of Chinese general Tuo

Time: Annual in November

Cultural Festival of avalokitesvara of Nanhai of hill of Chinese general Tuo, it is with Pu Tuo the avalokitesvara culture inside information with solid hill is rely on, travel in order to promote the avalokitesvara culture, buddhism that makes culture name hill be connotation grand meeting. There is large way during travel of seminar of lantern show of pilgrim of meeting, Buddhist concert, numerous letter, lotus, culture, Buddhist culture tastes exhibition to wait for a series of activities, tourist of child of the avalokitesvara outside drawing numerous within the country, Buddhist believer, pilgrim gets together country of Buddha of predestined relationship “ ” .
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