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Foreign tourist vertical stroke has thumb: "Country of sea day Buddha " conserve
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Below burning sun of dispatch of boat hill net, on the asphalt path with threatening steam, road surface temperature often exceeded 70 Celsius. On August 5, the sun had mounted the top of head. When Pu Tuo tourist of hill foreign country passes Hai Fei of “ of general Tuo hill when line ” a section of a highway, saw the figure of that each tangerine yellow, taking working hat, bitumen road surface is repaired below high temperature, can't help setting upright a thumb: “ dishy ” ! They are the Pu Tuo below that high temperature worker of ” conserve of country of Buddha of day of hill “ sea.

As we have learned, general Tuo hill is one of travel tourist attractions that Beijing Olympic Games appoints. Draw near of ” gradually as “ Olympic Games, especially after plum rains passes, because road surface is long-term seeper, impose increase of tourist of contact of general Tuo hill, car moves back and forth ordinary, partial road surface has the damaged of different level. Came recently, country of Buddha of “ sea day the conserve worker of ” makes the best of time to have repair to highway damaged road surface. Current, already repair cement road surface amounts to 720 square, bitumen road surface 83 square, road shoulder controls a 110 square, dredge culvert 3, ensured highway of general Tuo hill is expedite, safe, beautiful during the Olympic Games.

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