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Conform big bridge economy, tourism prepares for war meticulously
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“ develops posture to look from tourism of complete first half of the year province, quantity of each district tourist is added fast do not have fast before, be in mild growth condition. But have two places exception, peaceful wave He Jiaxing, the amplitude that tourist of this two ground measures was achieved 40% much, the analysis promotes tourist of this two ground to measure the reason of growth, be Hangzhou bay big bridge is enlightened. What join insular project as Zhou Shan is finishing, quantity of tourist of predicting our city can have erupt type grows. According to city traffic appoint forecast, because next year is big bridge element our city year car discharge will achieve 1.13 million, whole town arrives car discharge can achieve many 300 2010 second, guest discharge can achieve 17.55 million person-time, zhou Shan travels to already entered crucial period. The travel service job that organization of department of travel of midday of ” advanced the world holds conforms on talkfest of big bridge economy, gan Songzhang of director of city tourism bureau to personage of committee member of the delegate of National People's Congress that attend the meeting, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, democratic party, and association is represented related supervisor of tourism travel wind and tourism, introduced travel department to prepare for war the progress circumstance that times of big bridge economy comes.

“ 8 swim greatly ” project construction goes well

This year first half of the year, the our city gives priority to a problem with ” of Buddha of “ sea ”“ , accelerate advance construction of project of marine travel high-quality goods, “ 8 swim greatly ” project construction goes well. Masses sea angles swim in the project, bai Sha “ angles effect sees at the beginning of construction of islands of insular ” theme, open to the outside world already formally do business, the first phase sea such as Si reef island, peach blossom island, beautiful hill island angles base construction is about to finish, guide angle the team already also was established. Seafood cate swims the project already made seafood of executive “ China ” brand builds directive opinion, started “ project of high-quality goods of 4 a batch of ” builds 300 projects ”“ . Go vacationing can exhibit swim the project is clutching advance, the development of travel of Xu fair island of Sheng Si, base the round-the-clock bathhouse of lake beach is in construction, the project such as villa of the island world of 6 horizontal strokes, seascape already was entered examine and approve level. Marine culture swims in the project, " water of the East China Sea, fishing home situation " drama of singing and dancing of island amorous feelings already had trial performance. Project of upper reaches of sea of boat hill archipelago is clutching advance the houseboat base such as Zhu Jiajian island to build, begin the project survey such as passenger liner, demonstration, signed cooperative intent book with American company. Home of insular village fishing swims the project promotes ceaselessly, a batch of projects such as fishing village of Ao of cropland of Si of the first village, Sheng are intensifying the East China Sea of Ao of calm sea horse construction. In addition, roll out buddhist meticulously still to repair an experience to swim project, constituent international student enters the series activity such as the brigade ” of “ Buddhism wisdom. Regard Buddhist culture as the grand opera of travel project, earth of institute of education of Chinese Buddhism courtyard builds a part finishing, first phase project of project of construction of center of communication of international buddhism culture already consign is used, multimedia the living theatre " the brigade of Guan Shiyin's heart " successful premiere.
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