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General Tuo hill mount guard of volunteer of specialty of language of 20 Olympic
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Will come on August 11 on September 14 inside this paragraph of time, if you arrive amuse oneself of general Tuo hill, can see a flock of youths that wear blue to unite dress, the foreign nationality tourist that uses hill of adept foreign language all along has tourist attraction introduction, provide interpreter help. Current, general Tuo hill already completed the recruit work of ” of volunteer of specialty of language of 20 “ Olympic Games, passed safe, formal, travel, recieve etc groom.

General Tuo hill is Beijing Olympic Games and incomplete tourist attraction of abstruse meeting travel decides a dot to welcome one of drops, come to serve better the Olympic Games official of hill each country, athlete, reporter and tourist, general Tuo hill established team of volunteer of specialty of Olympic Games language. The language that these 20 volunteers are good at involves 8 kinds of languages such as English, French, Japanese, Han Yu, German, Russian, they are from whole town the sieve in the 100 many person that sign up is singled out come, have remarkable foreign language level and rich volunteer work experience. There is abroad student studying abroad in the volunteer, study abroad homecoming personnel, reading undergraduate of foreign language major to wait, average age is 22 years old, among them 90% it is Zhou Shan's person.

Current, general Tuo hill already was in hill door hall installed an Olympic Games to serve hillock and travel to welcome a drop, volunteers seek advice from those who accept foreign nationality tourist, offer recieve, the service such as tourist attraction introduction, interpreter.

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