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Hill of 4 big Buddhist name will together sale
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Xinhua net Hefei on August 27 report (reporter Wang Liwu) hill beauty spot is in charge of reporter Cong Jiuhua appoint can understand, hill of 4 big Buddhist name travel sale forum will be held in 9 Mount Hua on August 30. The 4 big buddhism such as hill of 5 9 Mount Hua, hill, general Tuo hill, high mountain eyebrow area of renown hill scene will together sale, advance process of internationalization of travel of 4 big Fosan quickly.

During this second sale forum, the expert of sale of chief of controller of beauty spot of 4 big Fosan, branch of sale of market of each scene region, famous travel matter that will discuss extensively includes: Formulate associated sale strategy jointly, executive sale plan, unified theme is publicized piece, design of data of unified conduct propaganda is made, unite circuit whole to pack, provide figure ground each other, install outdoors advertisement to wait.

After buddhism passes into China, formed ” of “ aureate world ” of world of lotus of hill of Pu Tuo of ” of world of coloured glaze of hill of eyebrow of high mountain of ” of argent world of 5 hill, “ , “ , “ the 9 Mount Hua 4 names that have respective distinguishing feature hill, also be considered as Wen Shu, Pu Xian, avalokitesvara and the Taoist or Buddhish rites that the ground hides 4 old a term applied to a kindhearted person respectively.

China is Buddhist 4 names hill first allied only then 2006. Buddhist 4 names hill is powerful powerful combination, integrated travel resource, achieve “ China buddhism in all the brigade ” brand of 4 names Shan Chaosheng.

Chief expresses related area of scene of 9 Mount Hua, the series connection of characteristic culture tourist attraction of 4 names hill rises, effectively integrated advantage resource, promote a brand image, can come true to be drawn lessons from each other, joint development. Still can form a theme bright, content is rich, the travel fist product with strong appeal. With the core of travel brand competitive advantage goes occupational market.

(origin: Xinhua net)

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