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General Tuo hill should do avalokitesvara Cultural Festival again
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Sponsor by municipal government, general Tuo hill is in charge of appoint the Pu Tuo hill of the 6th China that meeting and Buddhist association undertake Nanhai avalokitesvara Cultural Festival, will come to will be held in Pu Tuo hill on November 2 on October 28.

According to introducing, cultural Festival of current Nanhai avalokitesvara gives priority to a problem with ” of feelings of mercy of “ comfortable life, continue to deduce general Tuo hill world of harmony of “ of first world Buddhist forum, what begin ” from the heart is enunciative, outstanding advocate “ new 6 with ” spirit, namely “ popular feeling is genial, the family is harmonious, human and suitable, social harmony, the world and beauty, world peace ” .

Current avalokitesvara Cultural Festival is comprised by main body activity and activity of form a complete set. Main body activity has: Two ground hold Dalian of choice Fujian Zhangzhou, Liaoning ” of banquet of “ avalokitesvara fast, organize two ground sweet tourist to start Hai Tianfo of ” of Luo Jia of “ general Tuo project of tourism of national free travel; Luo Jia of Tuo of general of “ kind boat, do obeisance to Nanhai avalokitesvara ” together, by the mainland and Taiwan Taiwan of concerned branch organization believes numerous charter flight to come hill attends avalokitesvara Cultural Festival and activity of week of make a pilgrimage to a temple on a famous mountain; Opening ceremony of Cultural Festival of avalokitesvara of Nanhai of hill of Tuo of general of the 6th China and avalokitesvara treasure resemble law of look up ceremony meeting; Hold general Tuo hill and other condition area to build ceremony of friendly scene area; “ illumes heart lamp ” sends the light invocatory law is met; “ Buddha carries law of pilgrimage of ” carrying Buddha on the head on the head to meet; Law of sermon of ” of speech of “ great law is met etc.

Activity of form a complete set has: “ pulls the world dainty, provide dinner for comment on of food of element of hill of Tuo of general of ” of terrestrial the five flavors is on sale flower of meeting, “ opens avalokitesvara of hill of Tuo of general of ” seeing Buddha ceremony of porcelain head hair and high-quality goods of art of pottery and porcelain are exhibited, “ heart lamp · wish ” 6 exhibit with Buddha lamp art, Pu Tuo.

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