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[this station on September 15 06 when fast] message of the observatory that occupy a province, " dark pulls the 13rd typhoon this year gram " , 03 when city of space lukewarm state slants south direction makes an appointment with 235 kilometers, be in namely north latitude 25.9 degrees, the east longitude 120.9 degrees, the center is baric 975 100 handkerchief, close center is the largest wind speed33 meters/ second (12 class) , radius of 7 class solar or lunar halo 350 kilometers, radius of 10 class solar or lunar halo 100 kilometers. At present typhonic center with horary the speed of 10 kilometers to slant boreal direction is mobile. Predicting typhoon center will continue slow to slant boreal direction is mobile, stand by littoral to Fujian of short for Zhejiang Province gradually. Brush Zhejiang closely today with the best will in the world change direction on coastal north, also do not eliminate to be in short for Zhejiang Province south change direction on the north after foreland is landed.

Suffer " dark to play gram " effect, south nearly 3 hours of short for Zhejiang Province coastal the biggest appear 10 class wind, for small house of the fishing austral dark green26.9m/ S. Complete province appeared generally precipitation, basically center in foreland. The biggest precipitation appears in Ao of Number One Scholar of head of lukewarm city hole, 3 hours are amounted to63.8mm. Go to acquired Zhejiang this morning coastal and offshore wind-force can be amounted to 10 - 12 class, foreland wind-force can amount to 7-9 class. Arrive this morning rainfall of area of Zhejiang the eastpart part will amount to rainstorm tomorrow, partial big rainstorm, have especially big torrential rain individually.

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