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"Avalokitesvara fast banquet " 1000 people fast meets Pu Tuo hill
From;    Author:Stand originally
One, mobile time: In September 2008

2, mobile place: Fujian, Dalian

3, responsibility branch: Ministry of travel general affairs

4, mobile content:

To acknowledge countrywide each district comes sweet tourist of travel of pilgrim of general Tuo hill, will continue to develop activity of ” of banquet of “ avalokitesvara fast this year, choose Fujian Zhangzhou, Dalian to hold the ground. What pull open Cultural Festival of the 6th avalokitesvara from this is prelusive. Begin brand of travel of general Tuo hill and Cultural Festival of avalokitesvara of general Tuo hill to recommend, and face sweet tourist of Fujian, Dalian invite a predestined relationship to respect help an activity.

1, will hold in Fujian Zhangzhou on September 9, thematic “ compassionate Pu Tuo, lucky Zhangzhou. ”

2, will hold in Dalian on September 27, thematic “ compassionate Pu Tuo, big love connects a heart. ”

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