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General Electric to enter the tourism industry signed a purchase agreement elec
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Chengdu, China - General Electric (GE) Industrial Systems Group and Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Tourism Group's Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Tourism Group) signed a 5 million yuan worth of electrical components procurement agreement. GE Industrial Systems CEO and President of Asia Pacific Jinfei Xiang (Jim Fisher), Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Tourism Group Vice Chairman, President Mr. Zhao Kai attended the signing ceremony. Under the agreement, GE Industrial Systems Group, will serve as the medium voltage and low voltage electrical components of the designated preferred supplier for the MICE Group Chengdu Paradise Island Marine Park of Chengdu, Chengdu Opera House, Intercontinental Hotel, Lhasa the Holy Land, Sancha Long Island Lake International conference tourism resort, black Longtan Long Island Resort International Conference Centre and Exhibition Center of Chengdu and transformation of the old six projects, including micro-off, molded case, frame and vacuum circuit breakers and other electrical components, including distribution control and related technical services. 6 projects above will be gradually completed before the end of 2012. Western China, as the industry's top business groups, Chengdu project MICE Group products and services provider has an extremely strict requirements. Previously, GE has worked with Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Tourism Group in Chengdu New International Convention and Exhibition Center, expand cooperation, and with high quality products and services, won the customer's trust and recognition. The two sides will cooperate even more new projects to expand to 6. Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Tourism Group Vice Chairman, President Mr. Zhao Kai, said "GE Industrial Systems high-quality, high reliability of power distribution products, and strong technical service, will create fine Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Tourism Group to provide the most effective construction guarantee. By working together, we hope to learn from GE, the infrastructure building in the years of successful experience, this group of six major construction projects playing a model of sustainable development. " Adhering to the GE, "technical innovation" and "ecomagination," two major development strategies, GE Industrial Systems is committed to providing customers with cleaner, more intelligent, more efficient distribution solution. Through participation in the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo and other major events infrastructure, GE Industrial Systems has accumulated rich experience in project implementation and the establishment of the localization of international standards of professional services team. The Tourism Group and Chengdu Convention and Exhibition co-operation, integration of Group resources, GE, and enhance service capacity in Sichuan another embodiment, not only for GE's electrical products as the first choice for customers, as well as lighting, digital energy, water, etc. Other business units created in the local opportunities for GE in China to better participate in the construction of large infrastructure projects have laid a solid foundation. GE Industrial Systems CEO and President of Asia Pacific Jinfei Xiang said: "includes Sichuan Province, western China, including GE has been the focus of business development in China. By working with local businesses, high-quality distribution solutions customers have been brought to the region where our efforts. In recent years, GE has continuously increased the investment in the Sichuan region, and strengthen the human resources and customer service. This will have the opportunity to co-operation with Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Tourism Group, we are very proud of . GE Industrial Systems Group would like to take this opportunity to start with Chengdu Convention and Exhibition Tourism Group all-round cooperation. " As a GE company, "China's second-home strategy," the extension, GE continuously layout of the Chinese market, and in recent years, China has increased the second and third tier cities and into the western region. In 2008, GE signed an agreement with the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce to Sichuan infrastructure, energy conservation and expand cooperation in areas such as sewage treatment. 2009, GE headquarters in Shanghai and Beijing on the basis of, respectively, in Chengdu, Shenyang, Wuhan, Xi'an and Guangzhou, the new five regional headquarters, will focus its development and gradually extended to the coastal areas of northern China, central and western regions. In the same year, GE's purchases in Sichuan Province to further increase, with the cooperation of local government and enterprises has been further deepened. 2010, GE started the company with the cooperation and dialogue in Sichuan Province, intends to GE R & D centers, innovation centers and other institutions located in Sichuan. Through these cross-sectoral, diversified cooperation, expand, GE to further improve the industrial chain in the Sichuan region and better integrate the company's resources to expand business scope and enhance the region's overall business strength.