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To attract tourists into the northeast of Hebei Hebei Tourism Promotion Chong
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24 am, from Hebei Chongli County, Chongli County, Hebei Province People's Government-sponsored tourism promotion Chongli, Shangri-La Hotel, Changchun in Jilin. Well-known enterprises from Changchun and travel agents, journalists were Hundred people attended the seminar. At the meeting, Chongli County and the Tourism Bureau of Changchun City, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, which marks the northeast Chongli will increase efforts to develop tourism market of the tourism market and promote the prosperity of the two . Chongli County, located in northwest Hebei Province, 220 km from Beijing only rich tourist resources, is a prestigious national ski base and ski resorts in North China in winter. After 10 years of efforts, carefully nurtured Chongli County, the "ski Resort, off-road heaven, the Summer Paradise "three major tourism brand, is currently working on construction of" Chinese snow "to create" Oriental Davos, "the goal of high-speed ahead. To enable more visitors to understand the northeast of Hebei's tourism resources Chongli, Chongli County Magistrate Wu Zhanjiang to Chongli unique tourism resources, investment incentives were introduced to the guests. Magistrate Wu Zhanjiang said This is more than 10 years the rapid development of tourism Chongli brand has taken shape, the development of the tourism industry have also switched to a "fast track", for the next few years, Chongli will accelerate tourism resources around the line of traffic on the surrounding Building, highlighting the advantages of excellent location Chongli. And to invest 3.0 billion investment to build a set of meetings, holiday, leisure, entertainment, dining, lodging, theme shopping, promote good health as one of the Tourism Business District, further Chongli further enhance the level of travel services. This same time, will be built close Chongli Court, a large number of Four Seasons Resort Four Seasons tourism projects, tourism and gradually let Chongli by the "fire season" to "Four Seasons hot" changes. It is reported that, in order to promote the tourism brand Chongli this year, December to April 2011, lii lii China will hold the Tenth International Skiing Festival, will be held around the country skiers participated in the snowboard competition . Also organize the Christmas Carnival series of activities, snow romantic music festival and youth winter camps and other colorful activities. In introducing the tourism resources at the same time, Hebei Chongli, Chongli County and tourist area of Changchun City also signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides reached a consensus on future cooperation, marking the northeast of Hebei region has increased the development of the tourism market Efforts.