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Eco-tourism as a pillar industry in Linzhi
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"Eleventh Five-Year" period, Nyingchi closely around the building and the economic strength to achieve well-off society in the region take the lead in the strategic objectives, based on sound ecological environment, climate, unique and rich tourist resources, to create tourist products, so that access to eco-tourism an unprecedented large-scale development. According to Wang Jun, the Tourist Board Secretary, the "Eleventh Five-Year" since the total area received 4.48 million visitors and foreign tourists, the average annual increase of 39.3%, 2.927 billion yuan of tourism revenue, average annual growth of 73.7%. Among them, domestic and foreign tourists in 2009 1.1 million passengers, 800 million yuan of tourism revenue; domestic and foreign tourists expected this year, 1.5 million passengers, an increase of 36.2%, tourism revenue of 1.2 billion yuan, an increase of 50% of the total regional GDP of 21.98%, the status of eco-tourism a pillar industry has been basically established. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, in order to accelerate the pace of eco-tourism development, Nyingchi further increase of the tourist infrastructure construction, has started construction of the Brahmaputra Canyon scenic spots, tourist attractions Basongco, Pai Lung zangbo Travel scenic, tourism, R & D base, construction of rural tourism facilities and a series of major projects. In the Southeast Tourism Link section of the construction of a 30 Nyingchi tourism toilets, 205 tourist signage, three observation deck; built a four travel lanes highway, opened a water tour of Tibet's first line and the first plateau drift project. And to increase tourism promotion efforts, and carefully build tourism festival brand, greatly enhance the visibility of Nyingchi tourism, while adherence to the "After the first planning and development, the preparation of a high starting point, high level implementation of the" principle, strengthen tourism planning system; adhere to the " government-led, enterprise participation and market operation ", and actively build quality tourist attractions. "Eleventh Five-Year" has been completed Nyingchi 7 counties Tourism Development Master Plan, in the region take the lead in all counties have general plans for tourism development objectives; construction of water transport to complete the Grand Canyon, river rafting Niyang , Niyang scenery zone, southeast of the Intangible Heritage Museum Park, Lang wuzhai and other tourism projects, and successfully put into operation; have been open to the town of operating the school entrance area of the Grand Canyon, South Ditch area, glaciers in Bomi heap of rice area other 16 spots. Currently, all areas of foreign business area in 2005 from 4 to 20, to be built in the area 19 under construction. Great development of eco-tourism, which greatly boosted employment and incomes of farmers and herdsmen. Nyingchi directly engaged in tourism services, farmers and herdsmen in 2005 to 271 690 people increased to 1,800 now 680; farmers and herdsmen family hotel in 2005 from 12 the end of 2010 increased to 121 now; tourism income of farmers and herdsmen from the 1,450 yuan per capita in 2005 is now the end of 2010 increased to 2,547 yuan per capita.