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Healthy first issue is concerned in journey process
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The first issue that keeps healthy in journey always notices dietetic hygiene namely. Prevent " get ill by the mouth " . The dietetic hygiene in the journey, the key should note the following respects:

(1) notices to water wholesome. Generally speaking, unboiled water is cannot drinkable, journey waters the tap water that has purified with boiled water and disinfection is the idealest, it is spring and deep well water next, ten million of water of river, river, pond, lake cannot give birth to drink. Without eligible water but when drink, usable melon and fruit replaces water.

Health sticks person: The expert reminds 6 kinds water cannot be drunk

(2) melon and fruit must abluent or flay eats. Eat melon and fruit must flay. Melon and fruit besides sufferring pesticide to pollute, plucking with the sale also can get in the process the pollution of bacteria or helminth.

(3) serves each meal cautiously, no good of ten million of one hungry is not choosy about his food. The eating house of high school archives can be at ease commonly go eating, of big archives can have eat optionally, stall or edge street are placed sell (go-cart sells) do not go eating. In the journey although the state of affairs of empty stomach rumble is not little, but the food of butcher of small vendor's stand cannot be touched. If one hungry is not choosy about his food, be equal to take life to joke.

(4) learns to differentiate eating house sanitation eligible. Acceptable average level should be: Have wholesome license, have clean source of water, have alexipharmic facility, food raw material is new, without midge fly, have dustproof facility, surroundings is clean, gathering personnel does not contact food and paper money and food maintain quite distance.

(5) wants abstemious food on car boat or plane. Multiply when travel, because do not have athletic condition, alimental digestive process is lengthened, speed is decelerated, if intemperate food, increase the burden of gastric bowel necessarily, cause intestines and stomach unwell.


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