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Drive oneself a travel tourism is necessary and practical common sense
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  (one) 4 when use his car accumulator to aid force to start must

If this car accumulator puts report to cannot start car (the car) that installs automatic gear-box especially, usable bond cable joins the accumulator of another car starts engine.

(The rated voltage of two cars accumulator must be 1) together 12 bend over;

(2) bond cable must have sufficient voltaic carrying capacity;

(3) bond cable must contain insulation mix;

(The engine that 4) aids force car accumulator must be in locomotive condition.

   (2) change car tire divides a pace

1. The car stops in solid and on the horizontal ground that does not have smeary, seeper, the person when both neither should hamper other vehicle travel assures to change an embryo even is safe;

2. Taut hand brake;

3. Car hind sets caution plant, open double skip the lamp;

4. Use special spanner to shake tire bolt a little;

5. Put jack in cite the traffic since top rising a point. Lift rise a point in car two side have two each, the position is close to tire. Hands or feet cannot be put below the car absolutely, prevent jack to dump, automobile body sinks and endanger person;

6. Next pigheaded wanting that change the bolt of tire, after changing tire, screw as far as possible with special spanner;

7. wheel be born hind, continue to screw with the largest moment of force the fixed bolt of tire;

8. Had closed to change the tire below, tool and jack.

   (3) become flat cannot slam the brakes on

Car overload, tyre pressure exorbitant or tire itself has injury to cause car possibly to happen in travel become flat.

The embryo blows up after can make car rear happens sway phenomenon, but direction won't out of control. Can step on brake gently repeatedly at this moment, stop car slowly.

Front-wheel drive blows up can cause a car to sideslip of broken embryo a side. Answer right now both hands controls steering wheel forcibly, footplate of slowly loose accelerator, make the car uses rotational obstruction proper motion to stop. Slam the brakes on and receive oily meeting quickly to make reach of car centre of gravity, make the car swings end to enter helix state even.

   (4) how does malfunction of apply the brake do

In the travel on even road, if malfunction of car apply the brake should be blocked quickly from high speed,change low speed to block, the drawing function that uses motor reduces speed. If malfunction of apply the brake happens in declivous travel, besides use engine apply the brake, the natural roadblock that still should use roadside jockeys, reduce the loss of the accident as far as possible.

   (5) how does car sideslip do

Because enter the apply the brake before the turn,sideslip is more excessive make reach of automobile body load, speed is higher, change direction to be eager to those who cause later hitting direction to correct again.
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