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Putuoshan create a comfortable travel environment
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Into the summer since the garden departments to take various measures to Putuo Mountain landscape to strengthen management, and actively to create a beautiful mountain in Hong visitors a comfortable travel environment. First, strengthen law enforcement officers to learn and improve the comprehensive ability of law enforcement, advocacy, enhance Hong tourists, live mountain residents, protection of migrant workers sense of Putuo Mountain scenic resources, and expand the scope and frequency of normal inspection, open Show the wrong check, and gradually form a sense of care for the plants and trees Putuo Mountain. Second is the identity of the whole mountain range to carry out an investigation system, in need of repair, maintenance and timely signage repair and maintenance, for some identity is not clear, the signs are not careful to complement, improve, foreign language translation of the Ming Were wrong promptly revised, replaced, and gradually form a unified text, color uniform, material unity, unified specifications, with Tuo standard system features. Step three is the sand for thousands of parks, botanical gardens, Baihua Gong Park Green Park, the phenomenon of random dumping supervise the rectification, clean up the garbage down and found that the dumping of the phenomenon of the next maintenance fee deducted a certain green, strictly forbidden Only the occurrence of similar situations. Fourth, with the occupation of state-owned forest land, indiscriminate chaos some kind of communication between units and individuals ordered to change the status quo and the procedure again. Joint law enforcement branch, strengthen inspection and approval procedures are strictly prohibited without examination and approval procedures and eliminate Occupation of green spaces, green excavation phenomenon from happening again. Putuo Mountain Buddhist Association have jointly released specifications, to prohibit release of harmful native species of animals, to further protect the area's ecological environment, to ensure that the scenic tourism can Sustainable development.
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