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Travel jewel: 8 attentions that Home Zhang group travels
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The travel market of Home Zhang group is overall and character, relatively normative still, especially in recent years municipal government of Home Zhang group travels to purify the market, blow is managed illegally with the result with slaughtered the undesirable phenomenon such as the guest to obtain certain, but the happening that does not mean undesirable without this kind phenomenon, do good oneself to protect the job as tourist, it is very important that the issue that avoids unpleasantness happens.
One, bound of Zhang Jia of go on a journey had better select a standard travel agent, in what set out first both sides is reached with respect to the price it is good to recieve matters concerned to talk, after arriving at, formal autograph establishs travel contract (the attention should use a country tourism bureau is newest issuance normative contract) , set his mind at of the others to travel.
2, airport of railway station of Home Zhang group, Zhang Jia bound is reached to often can a few wear an uniform on the train that Home Zhang group comes to before you (it is more pretend to be) , or hanging such-and-such recieve a ministry, or making name of such-and-such travel agent, they can ask you go playing their travel agent, or the requirement offers accommodation, conduct a sightseeing tour for you, wait with such and such service such as the car. At this moment you should keep discreet, do not produce come-and-go with them easily. To the person of the sort of stick like a limpet, you can report to the member that be on duty, or dial 110, also can dial travel to complain a phone to be able to solve thereby.
3, if you are,come, and other places of benefit of door of county of the public security county before entering Home Zhang group, sanded city town, Li, stone, kind, when the likelihood has the person of unidentified identity to jockey when you are cheered, collect fees in too transient bridge the station meets take time, when you adopt crossroad ask the way, be on duty in the policeman the meeting when the ground is checked with hitchhike and the car on the means that acts as a guide freely to you, the person that have surplus more, unexpectedly still false policeman start off bars the person of the car and bribe policeman or collect fees the staff member of the station lets you jockey and allow the car on them, next on board extremely the what one is particularly good at that uses up conduct propaganda to boast its travel includes price, a lot of link that bound of Zhang Jia of their be proficient in travels, seeming is skill exceeding lofty or great, if can clinch a deal on board (or intentional) , criterion his task is finished, if the guest feels disgusted, they can have contact person, after reaching scene area by " capability is stronger " their head will negotiate this business. These effort that are like them are returned before astute guest not the word of be successful, the guest may be hotel of ask for it be entered or the travel agent that has reputation seeks in place, right now they may resemble fly same gaze at you, the hotel that goes looking for your place to be entered (or travel agent) want sales commission, claim this is the guest that they spent very big energy to be pulled, hotel (or travel agent) run system as, if want to consider " bronco " the word certainly will of rake-off should raise accommodation price, what such is in an unfavorable situation still is a guest, mainer is the travel market order with disturbed normal. To this kind of circumstance you can have reason completely to reject them, if encounter the person of stick like a limpet to be able to be hit,call the police phone (110) , had better be to hit bureau of tourism of city of Home Zhang group qualitative check group (0744-8380193) or place of qualitative check of bureau of tourism of area of Wu Ling source (0744-5618331) .
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