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Travel jewel: The note of moment is taken in the train
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The car is the main vehicle that our country travels. Its characteristic is quantity carrying a passenger big, number is exact, fare is low, midway is OK change, stay (inside ticket period of efficacy) , have certain flexibility. In addition, still have the advantage of nightly drive a vehicle. Tourist can use the content site of nightly drive a vehicle, in nightly hurry on with one's journey, can save time to be able to save accommodation cost again already, get rest during transit. Return the characteristic that can use change trains transfer additionally, visit a few places more in railroad along the line. It is fixed that the train releases hour, do not suffer weather effect, facilitate we master time reasonable arrangement program.
Should note following issue by train:
(1) buy a ticket
Ticket cent plants: Passenger ticket, quick ticket, berth. The passenger buys quick ticket or berth must have soft or hard a passenger ticket. When if did not buy ticket to be eager to again,getting on a car, the method that can take the buy ticket after normal time after getting on a car first tries to remedy. When buy ticket after normal time, want a nucleus to collect fee of buy ticket after normal time. If bought a ticket, got on a car without check ticket, should punish when examine tickets pay filling check fee.
(2) ticket period of efficacy
The period of efficacy of ticket calculates by the speedometer that take a car. 300 kilometers less than is two days, 301 kilometers above, every increase 500 kilometers to add a day, those who be not worth 500 kilometers also calculate by a day. When the passenger ticket after changing a label, quick ticket takes a car ahead of schedule, period of efficacy from have consideration actually by car day; The computation since the day that take a car is appointed by original bill when changing change car. Passenger due to illness, when medical treatment is shown to prove inside period of efficacy of passenger ticket, quick ticket or confirming via the station, can lengthen by number of day of effective medical treatment, but cannot exceed 10 days at most. When resuming a ride, still press original bill the rest significant time computation. Berth cannot be lengthened, but can do procedure of return a ticket.
(3) ticket visa
If the passenger cannot be pressed par when designation date and number take a car, in do not lengthen period of efficacy of passenger ticket, quick ticket to be below the condition of a state-owned ability, can deal with shift to an earlier date or change evening to multiply car formalities, but before at latest does not drive more than 2 hours. Berth is not dealt with change a label. When the fare changes in terminal and stopover resumes a ride, take no matter why to plant train should deal with visa formalities.
(4) baggage
Passenger articles accompanied is free weight, adult 20 kilograms, child 10 kilograms. The length of articles accompanied and bulk want comfortable go up at be being put in rack or seat below. Explode easily combustible danger is tasted, cloggy and communal sanitation and the article that pollute car cannot take a car inside.
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